AF330FTZ flash with K100D camera

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  1. Please advise as to which settings-on K100D camera and AF330FTZ flash- are to
    be used for using the flash in manual mode.
  2. See this thread, the same science apply to you:

    The difference is in the numbers: instead 43m/142ft, yours is 33m/100ft, I guess
  3. The following chart gives the approximate f/stop to use based on distance from subject to camera and ISO.

    Enter your guide number in the orange box and the chart will adjust automatically. If you enter the guide in meters, (in your case, 30) your distances will be in meters. Enter guide in feet (94), the chart is in feet.

    You will probably want to make a few versions with 100% guide, 1/4 guide, and 1/16 guide. That way you can use lower power settings so save batteries and speed up recycle times when possible.

  4. Thanks, Renato and Matthew, for your prompt and clear replies. My AF330FTZ, as per its operating manual, is clip-on type,serial controlled TTL auto zoom flash. I don't know whether it has an autothyristor.Would this make any difference in the settings ? Also please let me know- whether I can use different focal lengths settings-(85-70-50-35 and 28mm )on the flash in accordance with the settings on the camera kit lens-18-55 ? Can I use the flash off the camera via extension cord F5P- an accessory provided by Pentax ? And lastly, whether using this flash may damage the camera circuit over a period of time ? Regards, Hansraj Vyas.
  5. Oops, I was thinking a different flash when I orignally answered.

    No, your flash has no auto-thyristor. I don't know if the auto zoom will work properly or not.

    If you manually zoom, you can use your effective crop focal length for your guide number (i.e. use 70mm zoom on the flash with a 50mm lens.

    See page 16.
  6. (page 16 in the manual is page 19 in the PDF)
  7. Thanks, Matthew. Regarding extension cord, I think there should be no problem. However,regarding likely damage using this flash over a period of time, I would appreciate your views. Hansraj.
  8. I don't have one to test, but any Pentax TTL flash should be new enough not to worry about.

    If you REALLY want to be sure, you would need to check it with a meter. I don't know where
    you live, but we have a few stores around here that sell cheep chineese tools where you can
    aquire a digital volt meter for about $4.00.

    Perhaps you can contact Pentax directly - hopefully they don't give the generic 'not
    compatible' statement as it is not a 360 or 540 unit.
  9. Thanks, Hansraj.

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