AF Failure, D7000

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by royall_berndt, May 31, 2021.

  1. I repeatedly tried to get this shot with AF, but only got this result. Why would this be? I put the cursor on the people. DSC_0625.jpg
  2. One possibility - the lens and / or camera was set to manual focus?

    It does look like the background is in focus (hard to tell at this size). Was the last image you took focused at infinity?

    Are you able to focus now?
  3. No, the settings were all to AF. I can focus it now. Maybe the scene was mostly a bright tone, and AF couldn't find enough contrast.
  4. I had my Z6ii do this yesterday with a similar very bright, somewhat backlit scene. The focus hunted and chose something nice (to it!) behind the target.

    It's almost as if glare and flair put off it's abilities to 'see' properly, just like humans!
  5. Try 'focus and re-compose' with a fixed central AF rectangle. Or eye/face preference AF.

    However, the blue fringing looks as if a very poor quality or misted-up lens was fitted. No camera can AF properly if the lens has condensation or fingerprints all over it. Not saying that your lens was fingerprinted or misted up, but it's worth checking.
  6. Nikon 50mm 1.8D @ f2 1/500 ISO 200.

    ... and who's Robert Kildare?.....:D
  7. I coulve sworn tis a rather casual Trump there in the middle!
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  8. Alter ego
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  9. I've got an older AF 50mm f/1.8 and its later AF-D incarnation. I've never seen extreme OOF blue fringing like that from either of them.

    There does appear to be gross overexposure on those backlit highlights though, and that's not going to bring out the best in any lens.

    Which has got to beg the question: 'Why use f/2?' And why let the highlights blow out like that?

    And after a few failed AF attempts; why not switch to manual focus?
  10. No seriously :) at what sort of distance/s does your combi decently focus? looking at the iron fence below in your shot it looks like backfocus to me -
  11. Oh and heres same lens on d610 at 1.8 - no sharpening applied, pretty much 0 fringing. I'd check AF fine tune on your d7000 at mid-long distances. I sold the D7000 awhile ago as AF was all over the place.

  12. mm to me it is clearly focussed on the sigarette smoke , backlight or flash combined with smoke will give you this type of , sometimes on purpose, shot's ..
  13. Sorry but that looks like Trump ?
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  14. .... minus the artificial hair piece. He would not like to see that, Nikon or otherwise. :eek::D
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  15. I've owned many of the DX Nikon bodies. All performed as expected, except for the D7000. This was the only body where I felt like I was fighting the camera to capture sharp well exposed images. I breathed a sigh of relief after shooting with a D7100 for the first time. I sold the 7000 shortly after and have been happy ever since.

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