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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by t._duane_jones, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. Here is an one image I shot with a D-70 last week. On this particular image, there is a shadow on the Mom's face. I've been trying to strenghthen my PS skills by playing with this image to reduce the shadow area, and I would like everyone's advice/technique on doing this. Thanks to everyone in advance for their input. Duane
  2. You can use the shadow/highlight tool to help a bit, but it won't remove them, only soften them. Jack
  3. Give dodging a try, use a low exposure like 8% and go over it multiple times where you want to remove the shadow.
  4. Here's another way. Select neatly around the edge of the face and neck with the Polygonal Lasso Tool then Select - Feather 1 pixel or so, then copy - paste. Change mode to Screen and Opacity down to about 40 percent. CTRL + Click, then Select border about 2 pixels and apply light Gaussian blur about 0.3 Radius to blend. Good luck
  5. I used Levels. Drag the middle "Input" slider (gray) to the left till you get the look you want in the faces. Don't worry about the rest of the pic just get the face the way you want.
    Click OK.
    In the History pallet select the "Open" state.
    In the "Levels" state select it as the source for the History brush.
    Open a small soft edged History brush and paint in the faces till you get what you want. Stay out of the background or you may create a halo effect.
    This works better with even shadows or underexposure.
    I hope that helps
  6. Select areas to lighten by your favorite method
    Copy to a new layer
    Change layer mode to screen
    Either make additional copys of this layer to furthe rlighten or
    adjust opacity of layer to reduce the effect
    Flattern image on completion
  7. I'm a big fan of improving PS skills, and think it's very important. Just keep in mind that the best way to fix this shot would have been to notice the shadow and move the subjects before hitting the shutter release in the first place.
  8. I had this idea and wanted to try it. Duplicate layer, select the highlights (Ctrl + Alt + ~), eyedropper (color sample) a midtone from the ladies face then fill the selected highlights with that. Opacity down to about 30 percent, flatten layers, Deselect, then do it again. I did this about 3 times then did an auto levels, auto contrast, and auto color.. I don't know?? May be kinda harsh...
  9. Thanks to everyone for their input.

    Mike: I used fill-flash and/or reflectors for most of the shots. This image has become a "project" shot that I am using to increase my PS abilities. I am a firm believer in getting it right in the camera to reduce post processing time. Thanks again.


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