advice on switching from LR 6 (NOT CC) to Capture One?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by sallymack, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. My brand-new computer doesn't support the old standalone version of LR 6 which I've used for years for over 95% of my photos. Adobe's subscription includes LR and PhotoShop. I object to paying for something I don't use and the forced subscription rankles (call me grouchy). So I'm switching to Capture One (gulp) which has a standalone version as well as subscription offers. Reviewers repeat how difficult it is for LR users, "steep learning curve" (which technically doesn't mean what people think it does). I'll download a free trial version before using. I'm watching C1 tutorials. Would really like a book, a real book with pages to turn, sections to highlight, markers to place, but all I'm finding is e-books. Has anyone else made this switch? Pitfalls, tips, good tutorials? Thanks. --Sally
  2. Not sure why you make life so difficult? I think LR is a bargain at about $120/year as it also includes PS. Capture 1 costs $24 a month or $179/year, more expensive. If you want PS you will have to pay for that too.
  3. Robin,

    As far as Sally "make life so difficult" ... not your call. She is asking for specific information, can you contribute?
    As to cost ... perhaps you didn't read ... she doesn't want a subscription (Capture 1: $19 per month/ $149 a year) but a stand-alone version that one owns outright ($199).

    I'm sure there are a few people out there who have knowledge of both systems and can help Sally out. Looking forward to their replies.
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    You have a M1? LR6 absolutely will run on an Intel Mac, on OS X 12.X (in fact I have a copy of LR5 that does, with some caviets). That said, yeah, if you're serious, you really should get the latest Lightroom and Photoshop, pay the modest subscription. But if you reall, really want LR6, it will run, you may have to install it on an older OS that supports a 32-bit installer.
    As for objecting to subscrptions, are you always getting free WiFi and cell service?
  5. Hi Sally. I used capture one for a long time but i also had standalone ps & lr at the same time. I preferred c1 for the majority of my pp. C1 was good for layers and color work. But most of my work is b+w. When my computer stopped supporting ps standalone i decided to go with the 9.99 /mo subscription to ps & lr. I am also not a fan of subscriptions for apps. If it was not important to have ps i would choose c1 over lr as a standalone.

    The learning curve for c1 was not an issue for me. After learning ps well c1 did not seem intimidating.
    I do not have any tutorial recommendations. I only use them for very specific needs.
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  6. Thanks, Rick.
  7. Thanks, inoneeye. I don't know PS well but am familiar with the concepts. So far, C1 looks like it does what other software does but with different interface.
  8. Andrew, do you know of any hard copy books on Capture One? Thanks.
  9. Rick, the standalone subscription does not include updates, these are extra as far as I can see, so my point is it is debatable where it is cheaper in the long run. But at least sheโ€™s got you in her corner to be an unpaid moderator.
  10. I apologize for asking what I thought was a straightforward question. Is there a way to close this discussion?
  11. Sally's made up her mind about what program she going to use. So now, she's asking for a recommendation for a hard copy book that explains C1. I don't use C1 so I can't help her. Anyone else?
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  13. digitaldog

    digitaldog Andrew Rodney

    The 'Google Machine" could be your friend ;)
  14. Hey Sally. There's a whole bunch of videos on different aspects of C1 on YouTube. If you need a hard copy book, I've not used one so I couldn't recommend one.

    Also, I think though you can confirm it, that you can get a 30 day trial of C1. But you are correct, it has a similar modules to LR just presented differently. The new selection tools in LR CC are to me, way superior to C1, but I like the way C1 renders and it has more color management tools, which I'm still trying to learn myself.
  15. Thanks, Alan. I may have to go with a book on an older version of C1. --Sally
  16. Thanks, barryfisher. Yes, there are lots of tutorials and, yes, C1 offers a 30-day free trial. I'm watching tutorials now so I'll be somewhat familiar with the interface before downloading the trial version.
  17. Sites like will add page numbers to a pdf file and it is free to use. You could then print a section or two at a time. No doubt a bit laborious but it would give you a hard copy.

    Anyway, good luck.

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