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  1. Hi, all.

    I have a small studio for headshots, but I'm primarily a field guy. I shoot mainly headshots, marketing images, and editorial. When the world is normal, I shoot a lot of corporate events as well.

    I need some advice on bags, etc., for toting my lighting around. I have a Think Tank airport roller, and that holds my cameras, lenses, and a couple of speedlights just fine.

    What I need help on his my lighting equipment. If I'm taking "a lot" (and I know that's relative), I'll take three 60" umbrellas, couple of soft boxes, a backdrop or two, six light stands, four monoblocs, and a couple of Godox AD200s.

    Currently I have a simple Neweer bag, some bungee cords, and a Rock and Roller cart. I put the Think Tank down first, then the neweer bag, and then the monoblocs and everything else on top, and bungee it all together. It feels like a hot mess when I'm rolling that thing around.

    Any thoughts appreciated.

  2. Biggest/longest/least fragile stuff on the bottom would seem to make more sense, and for better handling and stability.

    My 10ft lighting stands are kept in a tough nylon zipper bag, and would be the first things loaded. They're pretty unbreakable, so everything else can go on top. Lightweight and crushable stuff like brollys and softboxes go topmost.

    I recently bought a used job lot 'studio-in-a-bag'. The bag itself was quite tough, but the zipper had split, making it quite useless. I put this down to having too much weight in one bag. Therefore my thoughts would lean toward smaller bagloads. A bit of a pain to pack and unpack, but much more durable in the long run.

    But I'm really not sure what your question is.
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  3. From your description, I would consider your "a lot" as "normal". I use a 60" Westco convertible cart (similar to Magliner) with a folding nose extension and 10" pneumatic front wheels (casters in rear), in the flat cart position. My typical load is two large video cameras, a case with recording gear and microphones, two large tripods and 3-5 microphone stands. The large tires negotiate curbs and door sills well, not to mention poorly maintained sidewalks. I use the handles to lift the rear casters over curbs. I usually pack in two layers, with an 18x24" folding table in between to provide a level surface.

    I put the most fragile items on the bottom, where they are less likely to fall and be damaged. It's important that you use rectangular cases on the bottom. Anything in loose bags (e.g., light stands, tripods) should go on top and nestled in place. I bought the ThinkTank AV case below to hold mutiple light and microphone stands. It keeps things together (including rubber feet and knobs) which tend to get lost in transit. It is a roller in its own right, but short enough to fit on the cart.

    I use 1 to 3 14' folding light stands for microphones (and occasionally for lighting), and regular mic stands for spot mics. Even small folding microphone stands are twice as heavy as the aluminum light stands. They need that weight to keep the CG low with a small leg circle. Depending on the job, I might have 50-75 pounds of stands on the cart. Thankfully 1-3 are more typical.

    Think Tank Photo Stand Manager 52
    Wesco Cobra Jr. Handtruck - Weight Capacity 650lbs (295kg)
    Magliner Folding Nose Extension (30" Channel)

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