Advice for photographing brides with long hair

Discussion in 'Wedding and Event' started by bill.akstens, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. How much care and attention do you place on a bride with long hair? I
    find that even the slightest breeze can send long hair every which
    way. Should the bride be asked to comb her hair for each and every
    posed shot? For candids that would be impossible to do. What if no
    breeze-free spots are available? Do people with long hair just accept
    the fact that their hair can be easily moved out of place, into their
    face, etc, and then accept photos like that? Even indoors this can be
    a problem. I use film and digital retouching is not practical for me.
    I'm curious about how others have handled these types of situations.
  2. Since 99% of all my portraits and wedding party/family and couple shots are done outdoors.... I've had lots of experience with this one! What do I do? Well, I try - light/shadows permitting - to have her somewhere where the wind will blow her hair and veil back instead of to the side or forward. Or, I find something that blocks the wind.
  3. Light discs held by a guest can work to block the wind. However, what I have done is to
    hide a guest or bridesmaid behind the bride to hold down her veil. If it is "hair", then I
    would be using a protected area from the wind. Maybe try facing her into the wind!

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