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  1. My Moms boss was telling her about a Leica that he had and was wondering the
    value. I told her I would take a look.

    A leica IIf in poor shape was in the bag. It had an additional f2 lens, and
    some other accessories. I did some research and came up with a value of 200-
    300 (if working) The shutter is slow/jammed on the one. It needs a complete
    overhaul. The f2 lens has some fungus on the rear element and the front
    element is scratched like it was rubbing on something in the case over the
    years. The aperture also seems stiff. The lens on the camera has some cleaning
    marks and dust.

    I'm thinking 150.00 as is for everything in it's curent condition.


    It is NOT my camera

    I am NOT selling this

    The owner is NOT selling this. I guess it was in his family. He was just
    looking for a ballpark.

    I'm just looking for a rough value, and kind of hit a dead end.

    Any info on a price to CLA / repair this? A working camera with a new leather
    from Morgan would be cool. I was disappointed that this camera was not
    working, I would have like to take it for a spin.

    Check out some pics here:


  2. I'd say $400-$500.
  3. nice rig. what Bill said.
  4. Bill is to high. You can buy the same camera from KEH in ex condition for 205 bucks. The lens with fungus I wouldn't want at any price.
  5. Yeah but there are lots of little extras; those add up.
  6. Nice rig? No, I'll go with your $150.00 estimate, Chris. That lens is a paperweight.
  7. It is a shame about the f2 lens, I've heard it's a beauty.
  8. The lens on the camera is a Summaron, if it's pretty clean that alone is worth $150-200.
    But a non-working IIf with a foggy/scratched Summicron f/2 is going to need $200-300
    worth of work before it's worth about $200-300. And unfortunately, most fungus issues
    with the early Summicron lenses never fully clean-up.
  9. Are you sure the summicron has fungus and not just haze? If the latter it can be cleaned and brought back to new (e.g. John at Focal Point). For less than $20 tou can get a new cover from Aka Ashi, - I'd feel Bill is closer to the mark withyout cleaning plus all the accessories
  10. White, stringy fungus :(

    Also, the cover is not a problem, easy to replace... The film advance/shutter is not functioning properly.

    It's not mine anyway and I don't think the owner is interested in shooting it.

    Bill seems high to me too but then again, I'm no expert.

    Thanks all for your help, It is much appreciated.

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