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  1. I remember the ADOX KB-14 film
    so after a recent mention here, I looked and found the site.
    the site is a disapointment
    as it is slow and pale.
    The product?
    I am looking forward to seeing some for sale.
    I did note the future availability of 110
    but did not see a mention of 126 or 127.
    for that matter No mention of 35mm though I am sure they are still making it.
    Maybe I am a bit RETRO but Many of the older films
    are a welcome addition. I am glad to see them alive and well.
  2. The equivalent film is now sold as either Efke 25 or Adox CHS 25, depending on country and importation channel. Same factory, same product.
    Check at B&H, Adorama, and Freestyle. You'll one or the other in 135, 120, and sheet sizes.
    Efke R100 is available in 127 size.
  3. I don't know where you are located, but if in Europe, the go to the websites of
    They both offer very low prices and excellent service although Maco currently has a five day in house processing time due to high demand. They have a warning about the processing time on their home page.
  4. Walter:
    John used a very diplomatic phrasing when he said "equivalent film". See what you think yourself.
    But Neofin Blue, the original, is still available.
  5. OK appreciate the resonses.
    I still yearn for panatomic-x
    Modern Photography Magazine put Panatomic-x way ahead of Ilford Pan-f
    and I believe the high quality Adox thin emulsion films from Adox
    and similar films are much more fragile and require careful handling.
  6. Walter, from time to time, Panatomic-X still shows up on online auctions. The oldest expired Panatomic-X I've used was expired in March 1964. The original owner must have frozen it or refrigerated it as there was almost no fog when I processed it in HC110.

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