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  1. Hello. I saw a blurb about adox film in the latest issue of shutterbug. I have
    never heard of it before. It says it is a very good film for fineart
    photography. Freestyle photo is distributing it. I called them and asked the
    sales rep about it. He says you need to process it in different chemiclas other
    then the standard black and white chemicals. I was told it was like the seattle
    film where it did not take standard processing. Would I be able to have it
    porocessed in the "normal" black and white chemicals and have it come out as
    sharp ? Anyone have any pros/cons about it? If not are there any alternatives
    on the market I can use. I have a roll of fuji black and white as well as
    ilford 125. Thank you.
  2. what kind of Adox film are you refering to? If you take AdoX CHM125 and CHM400, then this film is identical to Ilford FP4+ anf HP5+. Hence the dev times for the ilford films applies to these two adox films.

    This might be of some help also:
  3. Adox is Efke. Type "efke" in the search box at the top of this page and you'll get thousands of hits.

    I'm not aware of any Adox/Efke film that requires special chemicals. Any standard black and white processing works fine.
  4. ADOX CMS 20 ultra high resolution film, I think requires some special developer.
  5. Adox has been (was) around for years. I used to use their KB14 back in the 60's (my black & white years). Someone else may be using their name now.
  6. true freestyle sells efke/adox. or equiv.
    there is a company who makes ADOX in canada but cannot sell it under that name in the usa
    they have a website.
    I think it may be sold in the usa under a different name.

    I think the need for a special developer is an opinion rather
    than a fact, I would like someone to comment on that.

    I used KB14 way back when
    but i still miss panatomic-x ( please mr kodak)
  7. If the Adox film you're thinking about is CMS20 you will need a special developer to get normal contrast; like using Technidol with Kodak Technical pan. If it is not CMS20, then most any b/w developer will do.
  8. AFAIK Adox back in the '60's (which I seem to recall was owned by Dupont) suggested a developer called Beutler for their films be developed in. I've used Efke films in Rodinal with excellent results.
  9. seems the manufacturer suggests a special developer
    I don't have the old modern photograpy charts .
    adox is not listed in 1982
    but here's the manufacturer's site in canada
    no extremely slow film though
  10. In the Netherlands:
  11. You can currently order all ADOX films at I have tried Efke. I made the mistake of buying 22 rolls, 10-100iso, 10-400iso and 2 rolls 25iso. I shot 2 rolls of the 100iso and developed it D-76. Worked great, nice contrast, good midtones. Then I went to print some of the shots I had taken. It looked like the cat and a chicken had walked on the film. I later read and article about Efke film and the user had the same problem. Apparently the emulsion is very soft and can easily scratch in camera and when being developed. If anyone out there would like to try this film contact me and we can arrange something, (you pay for postage or some sort of trade). Roger, Good luck and happy shooting.

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