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  1. Hi guys,
    I am thinking of offering the Adorama photobooks to my wedding clients as an entry level option. I"ve ordered a sample and I love their quality - the pages are real photographic paper, the images are sharp and have great color. They also offer very nice imagewrap style covers - overall, I think the quality is definitely there. My question is what would you charge the client for these?
    Adorama sells the 8x8 26 page book for around $33. So that gives me a pretty good margin, but I still have to factor in time for layout of the album...
    I was thinking of charging $300? Is this too much? too little? what do you guys think? Please also remember that this would be for the couple on a budget that can't otherwise afford the $700 flushmount leather album.
    Thanks for the input!
  2. The time to design, order, etc. is the same for both. How much does the leather album cost you for and identical size and number of pages?
  3. What Aimee said . . .
    The first thing that you have to do is look at the work that goes into each product. In this case, I suspect that both require about the same work on your part. This means that the difference in price to your client should just about match the difference in price that they cost you.
    In other words: Let's say that the flushmount costs you $300 and the Adorama book costs you $33.90. If you are charging $700 for the flushmount, you should be charging about $445 for the Adorama book.
    Keep in mind that when you add lower cost products that compete with your other products, they are potentially taking money out of your pocket.
  4. Thanks guys, that's the conclusion I've been coming to as well. I see your point Ed - the reason I"m thinking of introducing this is because with the way the economy's headed, I'm getting a lot of couples that would love to order an album, but can't afford the $700 leather ones that I offer - and have asked for cheaper alternatives. So it seams to me it would be better to collect $300-$400 rather than nothing at all.
  5. I checked out Adorama's Photobook last fall at PhotoExpo, and thought it was pretty poor quality, not at all what I'd consider a pro level product. Who says these folks can't "afford" the $400 difference between a $300 price tag and a $700 one, anyhow? That's spent in under a month just in their going out on their dates or a clothes shopping expedition or a couple of trips to Costco!
  6. I've been using the Adorama photobooks for engagement session books and guest sign books. I think they work well for that, but I don't think the quality is good enough for a wedding album. I don't think the quality justifies selling them at $300 plus. But, if you have samples of the Adorapix and some better albums, you can always show them to the clients and let them decide.
  7. Although, I am new to wedding photography I have found it is a nice book for budget wedding. I charge $125 for the 8x8 26 page book and only offer it as a Guest Book. As for the 8x12 26 page and 50 page I charge $200 and $400. The couple will still have an album they can enjoy and in most cases I have sold additional 8x12 books to parents, grandparents and close family members increase my sales. It may be budget book, but many brides are happy even get a book.
  8. Nataliya,
    Perhaps if you're looking for a lower priced option, you might consider not offering the high-end design along with it. In other words, perhaps offer the less expensive album with only one image per page. Or perhaps no more than 2 images per page with solid color (black) backgrounds. Otherwise you're giving away your design time. It's also a reason for a client to stretch for the more expensive product. If they can get the same "look", but in a less expensive album, they'll easily settle for that. Give them an incentive to spend more money. Always try to work for YOU, not for THEM....-Aimee
  9. Could you give us the item number? I could not find this item in the abyse of the Adorama database.

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