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  1. I realized I was running short on Astia on Thursday night and went to Adorama to
    order a couple of bricks. They were starting their Passover holiday schedule and
    wouldn't be open at all on Friday, but the site said that any orders with 2-day
    or faster shipping specified that were placed before 8am on Friday would go out
    on Friday. I chose 2-day and placed the order, and received an order
    confirmation by e-mail.

    However, I have not gotten tracking information from them, and when I lookup my
    orders on the website this order isn't in the list.

    If I don't get the film until Wednesday I'm going to be in trouble. I don't
    remember if they automatically e-mail tracking data. If they don't, I'm probably
    fine, but if they do I may need to scramble on Monday. So, does anyone remember
    if they normally send the tracking information?

  2. adoramaPix provides automatic email tracking information.
  3. I imagine Adorama was closed Friday for Passover Eve.

    I'm more familiar with B&H than Adorama. But when they say they don't do business during the Jewish holidays, they are serious.

    Have fun scrambling on Monday. I sense overnight shipping charges.
  4. Have you considered Freestyle? They are in California and take orders on Saturday. Always had good service with them. I use Adorama and B & H for the items that Freestyle doesn't have.
  5. Link for Freestyle:
  6. The same thing happened to me during the last holiday period with B&H.I didn't read the fine print on the home page and did not realize it until I hit the "place order" button.Nonetheless,I ended up paying the two day shipping fee.Lucky for me I was able to work around the problem with local purchases.
  7. I ran into this before....You will not have "placed" your order until this morning, when they come in. Then they will tell you that it takes 24 hours to process your order, because they have to verify your payment (instant verification everwhere else in the business world these days), even though you can check your bank account and see that the money for the order is already out of it! So your order will probably ship Tuesday, or even Wednesday if you are unlucky.

    I hope I am wrong...and by all means let us know how this exactly worked out for you!
  8. All's well. Even though Adorama did not get the order far enough into their system to show up in my order history on the website, they did in fact ship the rush orders on Friday morning. At least they got to mine. They shipped it via Express Mail, and it was at the Post Office when I checked my box this afternoon, a day before I expected it. They did not send an e-mail with the tracking number.

    Considering that they were taking two extra days off, I'd say they went above and beyond in eliminating as many delays as possible. They just didn't take the next step of letting me confirm that they were doing it.

    Several rolls of this were to fill an order for slides for an AP art class at an east-coast high school, with some fairly hairy deadlines. At least the last part of the job is going to be right down to the wire, the first batch was supposed to start today. I haven't seen the files yet. But I'll be ready to rock when they do show up.

    So, well done Adorama! I hope their Passover is greatly blessed, they have my blessings for taking care of this in such a timely manner.

  9. Van!

    Very good news! I am glad that my experience with them did not occur with you. Its nice to hear that something in the customer service works from time to time these days. Congrats!
  10. I was delighted to read that everything worked out for you with your rush order from Adorama, and sorry that we weren't on the ball with getting the confirmation emails out, causing you to be concerned.

    I gather it was heads down in Adorama's sales department to get the orders across to the warehouse before the holidays, & I think that this year the guys in Adorama's warehouse really did a great job!

    Anyway, thanks for posting - we really do appreciate when our customers take the time to let us (and others) know that we did a good job.
    We look forward to helping you again in the future with all your camera and photographic equipment supplies - but if you ever have a query with an order from Adorama Camera, please don't hesitate to contact me directly:

    Best wishes

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

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