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  1. How are the wide angle lenses that Adorama sells with their name on them? Who makes them? Thanks,
  2. i think you are referring to the Kobalux lenses...
  3. They are good lenses,(Kobalux made-the 21 is especially good if not
    very compact). With the new Voigtlander lens line available, they
    have tough competition now. Adorama has lowered the prices on them,
    probably to try and price them more in line with the Voigtlander
  4. Go to the Kobalux site for more details.
    There is a note in the end-users sales contact section that says
    that the lenses at Adorama are in fact not the current ones but in
    fact one generation older.
    Try CSL imports instead as they have the current versions.
  5. I have a page showing the test results from Pop Photo (FWTW). The web site has the British Journal of Photography and
    Shutterbug evaluations.
  6. Sorry; I hit return at the end the sentence too quickly:

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