Adorama founder dies

Discussion in 'News' started by JDMvW, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Sorry to hear that.
  2. It seems to have been in April.

    Some sites seem to say unknown cause, others say COVID.
  3. Sorry about the Apr 13, 2020 re-animatiion. It came up on a regular alert and I didn't see the date
  4. Is re-animating a notice of death an oxymoron or a metaphysical exercise? :)
  6. I am sure I bought some things from Adorama, but I remember more the ones I bought
    from Freestyle when I was younger.

    Freestyle always had a big ad in Popular Photography, many things for a much lower
    price than other stores. I did a lot of 7th and 8th grade yearbook photography
    on film from them. I bought the 100 foot rolls for about $5. (1970 dollars)

    The result of that is that I have a lot of negatives from school events for those years.
    By 9th grade, I got more interested in computers, but also yearbook was an actual
    class, which had to fit into your schedule.
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  9. Sorry to hear that, but maybe things will get better at Adorama. It has really gone down-hill these last couple of years...
  10. Still, it is homier than B 'n H.
  11. Lesson in how not to express condolences.
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  12. He founded the company since the 1970's and it only went down the last couple of years and you think it's because of him? More likely because he's getting older and let others run the business for him and very likely these people are the ones continue to run the business.

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