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  1. Somebody of the Europe already bought some material in the Adorama
    (USA)? If yes as it is that it was hapened? I am to think to buy
    one nikon 24/85mm f/2.8 and wanted to know if the price for them
    presented suffers alterations when they sell for the Europe
  2. Your best bet is to e-mail Adorama for your answer. Your method of payment and the cost of shipping tend to be the only problems...
  3. Hi Jose, I live in Ireland and I bought a used camera from Adorama.
    I paid a good price for the camera but there was a lot of import tax (20%)

    Anyhow, I would find a friend in the U.S. who can send the camera as a gift, thereby no import tax, it is legal. Just buy the camera or lens, and get it sent via a friend.

    Otherwise, ebay.

    If you email Adorama they will tell you that import tax is payable for your country, but you will not know exactly how much you pay until it arrives, usually about 20%.

  4. Hi José,

    I'm portuguese and I've bought several times from Adorama.

    This is the way it works:

    You make your purchase on-line on Adorama's site. The price is as advertised plus shipping cost to Portugal (depends on item). But you will know exactly how much Adorama will charge your credit card (in USD).

    The order is confirmed by e-mail. If this is your first order they'll ask you to send them a fax or scan of your card's front and back, for security reasons. After order acceptance you can check on-line the status of your order (they'll give you an UPS tracking code).

    After shipping it usually takes two working days for you to receive the packet.

    You'll have to pay UPS on delivery the following additional costs:

    - Import taxes, over total cost (I think it's 6.7% for lenses). Check the following link:

    - VAT over total cost + import taxes (19% now, 21% after July 1st...)

    - UPS costs related to import procedure (about 40 euro, but check with the local UPS office)

    That's it.

    I should add that I've been pleased with the level of service and responsiveness of Adorama and UPS.

    Don't forget to check with Nikon if the US warranty for lenses is valid in Europe.

    Please feel free to contact me by e-mail if you have further doubts.

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