Adobe Raw or Capture?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by mormegil, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. I've got a 300D and at the time wasn't too happy with Photoshop 7's
    Raw converter. I bought Capture One Rebel, and been using it for
    Raw conversion since.

    How does the new Adobe Raw compare to Capture?
  2. Jose, I have been using exclusively Capture One LE with my 300D for about a year now. Love it. I have used incidentally Adobe Camera RAW and it is a very capable program. But the quality, flexibility and work-flow that C1 has is superior to ACR. If you are looking for more casual RAW conversing, then ACR is great. But if you are looking for more control, then C1 is a great option. Mind you, using C1 is a bit like learning to enlarge. In this time, I feel that I am only using a small portion of the program's capabilities. It is something that may take many months/years to master, but like the darkroom, it is a discipline in itself. Give the demo a go, and I think you'll appreciate the benefits it offers over ACR. But I feel that if you don't want to spend the time learning the details of the process and how you can squeeze every bit out of your RAW files, and you are happy with ACR, then stick with that. Note that there are some features in ACR that is not found in C1, as well as camera support. Hope it helps.
  3. Jose,
    The current PS-CS2/ACR steals the spotlight from the rest. Any RAW converter can claim some superior function or quality over ACR. But none has the overall balance of quality and functionality that ACR offers. Combine that with the Bridge module, you have a super efficient workflow from digital content management to final output that's hard to beat.
    Just a �2 from an ex die hard C1-Pro user.

  4. Until three weeks ago I had actually been using EOS Viewer Utility to transfer and convert my RAW files. This probably marks me as an amateur, but I am a keen one!

    Having just acquired PS CS2 I have converted to using Adobe Bridge and the Adobe Camera Raw module from within Bridge. As said by another poster, it's an excellent workflow combination, with really really good integration of file browser capabilities, conversion and management capabilities, and connections through to the Photoshop "processor". I actually think RawShooter essentials does a better job of sharpening RAW files, but that's not enough to sway me from Bridge and ACR.
  5. I use the latest and greatest versions of ACR (PS CS2) and RSE (Paint Shop Pro X) -- and only briefly used C1 over a year ago. I use ACR nearly daily since CS2's release and RSE not as often. Based on that ACR and RSE both are superior and more up-to-date. There is nothing in CS2's ACR I find lacking or in anyway ties your hands behind your back. However, this is more of a Digital Darkroom forum topic so no more to be said from me. I refer you to that hang-out for the experts.
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I didn't post this on Digital Darkroom, because I wanted to get Canon user's experiences.

    I assume that the Adobe Canon Raw image quality is at least on par with Capture One's?

    Thanks again. I'll have to take a look at Adobe now.

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