Adobe Photoshop CS4 color printing profile problems - colors are off compare to CS2

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by jamespjones, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. Hi,
    I'm running out to a client meeting but I want to post this for everyone who may be having a similar problem. I have spent some time this morning trying to figure out why my prints from CS4 just don't look like the screen. For a while I though it was me; then the profile, the printer gamut, and now I'm back to me. Long story short check out:
    Photography RI
    where I just posted the results of my printing problems. If you are having problems printing in CS4, this may help. It isn't just you.

  2. James, thanks for posting this info. I just upgraded from CS2 to CS4 and am also having printing problems- things that printed great in CS2 print too dark in CS4. -Rob
  3. Count me in too! I just installed my printer and CS4 last night and noticed it was off a little also,but too late to worry about it. Glad to hear it wasn't my fault and I won't have to spend all night tonight trying to fix it!
  4. I was curious about this bug in CS4 because I want to upgrade too, but not if there are problems. Check this thread out at the Adobe
    forums. You may have to register.

  5. I glanced over the thread; not sure I understand the particulars of the problem described in that forum. My epson print
    dialogue doesn't auto default to no color management - I have to select it each time I print - which I do. The concept of
    double profiling is intriguing.

    For what its worth: I am running OSX 10.4.11 on a intel based Mac.

    Photography RI
  6. Yes, I had to read quite a few of the threads before I thought I understood. Apparently it's not a problem with OS 10.4.11, so
    disregard the Adobe forum thread.

  7. Hello All, I have installed CS4 on my G5 Tower running 10.5.5. I had custom profiles made for my Epson printer. I can print perfectly in CS3 but not in CS4, using the exact same settings. The thread at Adobe mentioned above has some interesting information about a bug in Lightroom that has the same symptoms.

    Anyway, I have to print from CS3 until I figure this out. I would like to know of similar problems and or solutions.
  8. I am having an ongoing dialog with Adobe about this problem in PSCS4 and OSX 10.5.5. Images that printed perfectly out of CS3 with PS managing the color and Epson driver CM turned off print dark and muddy. It's obvious that the profile is being applied twice.

    They are having be go through a ridiculous number of test installations, none of which correct the problem. Fortunately I can print out of CS3 and LR 2.1. I have PSCS4 installed on both an Intel-based Mac and a PowerPC based Mac. It is only the PowerPc Mac that is having the problem.

    The only thing that works at the moment with CS4 on the PowerPc Mac is to convert the image to the printer profile, have the Epson driver do the color management, not PS.

    Stay tuned. If Adobe solves the problem I'll let you know.
  9. Same problem here, I need to print a test page to get a custom profile for my Epson R1800. On my new Intel Pro Mac with CS4 it comes out almost black. When printed with my G4 Titanium LapTop with the same OS10.5.6 but CS2. it's correct. It seams most of my prints seamed a stop of two dark especially on the lower end and that's why I was getting the profile made. Something seriously wrong with CS4 not to mention how unstable it is,constantly crashing. Have turned off OpenGL with some improvement.
  10. I used more than one printer, and with CS4, I've learned that I have to manually select the printer I'm using to default printer from System Preference before CS4 respond to correct colour settings.

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