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Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by john carter, Jan 8, 2007.

  1. Dose anyone on use Lightroom? I've tried it for six weeks and am
    finally getting comfortable with it. It really has a few features that seem
    great to me. One is the 'tone curve tool' it is really convient (better
    than PS), and you can easily save a 'preset'. I also like the 'channel mixer'
    it gives me more control. One of the 'presets' is 'direct positive' which
    turns you color images into a retro kodachrome. And you can control the color
    changes. Abode likes it for the library feature, if you want your life fine
    turned (which I don't). All this and it will convert and RAW file. Give it a
    try it is free for now.
  2. I think quite a few people do. It's had it's problems, but they seem to have it dialed in pretty well now. I love it. It is my primary raw converter. I can't wait for the full release. As you said, the curves, and channel mixer are very good tools.
  3. John,

    I've been using it from Beta 3. For my work the interface is nearly perfect. Decided months ago to buy it when available.


    Don E
  4. I'm sure I'll buy it, too. But I wasn't so sure when I first started using it. I was a little baffled, so different from PS. Adobe's tutorials and other tutorials were worth the time.
  5. Check out George Jardine (of Adobe) Lightroom podcasts at iTunes. They are free and can be
    very useful as well as sometimes interesting but irrelevant. Poscast 25 is really good about
    how they went about designing Lightroom's user interface (UI) in a more real world user
    friendly form than Photoshop's.
  6. I understand the RAW converter, and possibly the user interface with respect to RAW conversions, in ACR4/CS3 is the same as Lightroom. Is this true?
  7. What does UI (user interface) mean?
  8. The UI is how you interact and communicate with software and how it communicates back
    with you.
  9. Do they have AUTOLEVELS in/on Lightroom? I wish they did if they don't.
  10. It appears that Lightroom will become Bridge in CS3. Adobe is offering a free beta of CS3, so you can see for yourself whether that's correct. For me, the Bridge beta is pretty ragged, consuming RAM as I use it until it crashes.
  11. It appears that Lightroom will become Bridge in CS3.
    Nope. Among other things: the raw processors are different, and Bridge remains only a browser while Lightroom incorporates as a daatabase function. Lightroom is and will be a stand alone program unless something big has changed in the last 24 hours.
  12. I prefer the RAW converter in Nikon capture NX. Now if they would just sell it as a plugin . . .

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