Admin: Let's try this new forum index page for a couple of days

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by mottershead, Apr 11, 2004.

  1. ... and see what everyone thinks.
  2. I'm in favour of this new layout. W/NW and FS seemed to have taken over from discussion for a while. This helps me browse by category quite nicely.
  3. Brian, I like it.
  4. An excellent compromise - thanks Brian. IMO the new layout appears to work very well
    (so far).

    I wonder how will it handle threads which are given reasonable sounding subject titles, but
    (inadvertantly or maybe even deliberately) have W/NW content?
  5. OTOH, let's try it for a couple of years. It's excellent. Thanks.
  6. Well, it depends entirely on threads being properly categorized, either by the original poster, or by the moderators afterwards. I think there is already pretty good cooperation in categorizing For Sale/Want To Buy threads because the moderators delete them if they aren't properly categorized. On No Words and Photo Critique threads, there is a lot less discipline, and before starting this new format, I had to categorize a lot of them, because they had not been categorized or put in different categories.

    If people like this format and we keep it, I hope everyone will cooperate by categorizing the NW threads properly.
  7. Is there supposed to be some logic involved, or just 'moderator' logic? Do I now have to read BOTH indexes to mentally filter out the duplicated postings and decide what is, or is not 'new? Other user forums shuffle new postings, and any new replies, straight to the top of the list, thus ensuring hot topics are kept in the groups attention, and ensuring, more importantly, that dud items like 'FS' are immediately shuffled down the list. Why not try a creative solution like that, rather than a civil service style bodge?
  8. FINALLY !!!

    This is Awesome !!! Thank you thank you thank you !!!

  9. Steve, I take it you are ignorant. If you want to see the threads in the forum sorted with the ones with the most recent replies at the top, click on New Answers in the menu at the top of the forum listing. This has been a feature forever.

    As for the new default forum listing, the "Newest" at the top are the last 6 hours worth, regardless of whether they are "Discussion", "FS/WTB" or "NW", so that people can see what threads are new without having to scroll down. These "Newest" threads are then duplicated in the three groups, which also include all threads in the category in descending order of posting time for the last 4 days.

    After that are all the categories in the forum, which gives you access to the forum archives since the beginning of time.
  10. Brian,

    "For Sale" & "NW" are self explanitory. And this wouldn't be the first time I'm a bit thick, but what's the difference between "newest" & "discussion"?

  11. Brian,

    Saw your last response. Now, I get it. Thanks.
  12. It looks like a good idea to me.
  13. Seems like FS should be the last section. Content more in line with the forum should come first. I'd love to give a great reason, but I can't think of one right now.
  14. harvey's pix said it all.

    if i could make one more wish regarding the software it could be to be able to edit one's post after they have been filed, ever even delete them. sometimes one blurres out thinks without thinking first...
  15. Nice skin Harvey. What brand of moisturizer do you use?
  16. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    OH man something else these guys have to try to figure out. WHAT NEXT
  17. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    </center><i>it could be to be able to edit one's post after they have been filed, ever even delete them. </i><p>

    The reason for not doing this has been pointed out numerous times, but the most obvious reason is that followup posts that refer to the edited or deleted post can end up making no sense.
  18. I've been browsing for a few years and think this setup is pretty nice. It works for me in that it's simple and breaks things along major lines: picture threads (w/nw/CRIT), overtly gear threads (fs/ft/wtb), and what will eventually become gear threads if they didn't start that way (discussion) :) Then again, it mostly caters to my laziness in scanning for interesting posts. My vote though is to keep it.
  19. Jeff, I agree with your response/assessment, but I still think that the risk of a whole thread and its responses will make no/less sense is realtively small compared to the advantage of being able to edit one's one's post. it might also create less amount of separate enteries that the PN system would have to generate/administer since one could fine tune one's argument. just my 2 cents.
  20. I like it. So, what took you so long to think it up? <g>
  21. My one suggestion with this format (if it is decided to keep it) would be that instead of "Newest", how about -"Today". IOW, keep all threads in the newest for a 24 hr period. After that, they can be dropped down. This, I would think would work better for those who are not online every minute of every hour.
  22. I had no problem before, this works also.
  23. This is a very good reorganization by Brian. I ran through it and discovered the most obvious advantage. Threads are easier to locate.

    Leica Forum has the heaviest traffic of any of the other forums. One problem is that threads tend to get buried under new threads quickly. It usually takes a day or two. This new system greatly reduces that problem.
  24. Spearhead

    Spearhead Moderator

    By the way, the Street and Documentary Forum has the same organization now.
  25. For what it's worth, I'm stoked about the new layout.
  26. Very nice. I think six hours is too short for "newest". Twelve or 24 would be better.
  27. i do not like it one bit.
  28. I'm for it. Good work!
  29. A workable idea, but I have one issues in terms of navigation and information design. The layout of each section should have a hint at the content above and below that section so you don't have to scroll the whole page to get an idea of what is in the forum. This may not seem like much, but will a zillion differnt forums, this might be helpful for those not using the unified view.
    Also, the heading of each section could include the navigation to the others like this:
    Newest : Discussion : Whatnot : Polishing : All Forum Topics
    This would allow for quick hopping between sections as well as tell the visitors where they were in the list. In the example above, the bold (not that it has to be bold) shows the reader they are at that section and the hyper links let them hop up to Newest or down to Polishing as needed.
  30. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    I like it. Thanks, Brian. Let's try this for awhile.
  31. I feel that the "Newest" threads should not be duplicated in the "Discussions" group. It's rather confusing.
    Just put the last 6 hours of thread in the newest section and those after 6 hours in the discussion section...might be better.

    the rest is fine. thanks.
  32. "These "Newest" threads are then duplicated in the three groups, which also include all threads in the category in descending order of posting time for the last 4 days."

    Thank you Brian Mottershead. I may not have expressed myself very clearly, but your quote above says it all. Utter and un-necessary complictaion. I was simply trying to suggest one list was a simpler way forward, and would be devoid of 'administritis'. My mistake was to re-iterate for the sake, I thought, of supplying context.

    And as for opening your reply with "Steve, I take it you are ignorant.", I thought personal confrontation was off the agenda. One rule for the masses, another for the rulers perhaps?
  33. I like it so far.
  34. "What brand of moisturizer do you use?"

    Coolpix 990, Brad, guaranteed to smooth out the wrinkles other cameras can't reach. :)))
  35. Ignorant, as in ignorant of the New Answers feature. Sorry that you seem to have a thought a different interpretation might be applicable.
  36. Chris, that seems cluttered and overkill to me. What is wrong with the scroll bars? It is clear that there is "more" below, and if you don't know what it is, it only takes a couple of clicks to scroll down and see. After that, you know that the ads and the NW threads are at the bottom.
  37. Very good. Maybe a couple of hyperlinks at the top to get you to the other categories
    below, instead of having to scroll down. Just nit-picking and being lazy.

    Also, 6 hours for «Newest» seems like a big burden on YOU, moderators. Unless it's done
    automatically, of course. Otherwise, that's sorting and filing 4
    times a day! I'd be glad with 12 hours.

    And now, some people will have even less reason to whine about the mere presence of a
    FS or a W/NW thread.

    Thanks, Brian.
  38. I like this new organization because it avoids having to sort through the w/nw threads and
    it makes the forum generally less cluttered than it was before.
  39. my god, i got exactly what i asked for -- right down to the breakouts for FS and NW. yes virginia, there is a santa claus.

    this is nothing short of AMAZING GREAT!!!!
  40. Brian,

    For what it's worth. I really like the breakout of "discussion", "FS", and "NW". "Newest" seems superfluous to me.

    On the other hand, being a Leica owner is all about the superfluous. :>)
  41. I like it. If for no other reason than it makes Jim happy.
  42. Why not the 'Brian Mottershead Forum'?

    A personnel attack on a individual. I DO NOT agree with it. However, many folks believe that the freedom of the Leica forum has been compromised. Why, because it does not fit in with the rest of P/N.

    Destructive indiduals have been given free rein, the rest of us have had to pay the price.

    Great site, Leica lots of freedoms. However, like most freedoms they can be abused, by those who have a axe to grind. Careful sniping moderation is the order of the day. Not the nuke.
  43. Constuctive thoughts, not desructive. Just trying to help a great web-site. Regards.

    Jeez, i read somewhere they behead the messenger. Better go and hide.
  44. Just poking my nose.....
  45. I personally like the idea. Better organization = better Forum. The only thing I now miss is an "Overview" heading up on top (which might of course change from time to time...), e.g.
    Leica Photography Forum
    [ Post a New Question | Search |...
    • Newest
    • Discussion
    • For Sale/Wanted to Buy
    • No Words and Photo Critique
    • Older Questions by Category​
  46. It seems to work well.

    However, I propose that some new categories be added in order to reflect especially the development of digital Leicas. Leica in a digital world should be replaced by 4 or 5 categories, for instance: Leica R digital, Leica M digital, Leica Digilux, digital scanners and digital photography in general.
  47. I like the new format. It's faster and easier on the eyes.

    It's not a major point, but I do agree that the "For sale" category should be last. In all ways, both obvious and subtle, we demonstrate priorities.
  48. The category groupings, except for "Newest" are in alphabetical order. Of course, I chose the labels on the groupings, so I guess I could choose different ones.
  49. I don't like it one little bit. It looks just like any other forum now- I always thought the "non-ordered" order of posting added to the spontaneity. What wasn't broken is once again fixed.
  50. I'll have a grande-no-foam-extra-hot latte, please.

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