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  1. Seems a shame for many of the images, no need to destroy the negatives* if they're rejected (maybe he was a frustrated editor who wanted to be a photographer). Of course now most images could easily be restored digitally unless like in one example when there's a hole straight on someone's face.

    *That said, I once destroyed hundreds of negatives from my beginning days as a photographer because I wanted to get a "fresh start". Stupid because with the more experienced photographic eye I have now I think I would have still found some good images from those early days. I think the seeds of our style are often planted very early, we just don't realize it yet at that time...
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  2. Norman 202

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    get some PS wizard to replace the hole with, I don’t know, an apple?
  3. Vincent Peri

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    Roy Stryker should have been taken out and severely beaten.
  4. While I don't condone violence, this reflects my thinking too. Punching hard in the face was what I was thinking about.

    Probably he saw the dumbness of his attitude later on and stopped doing that, as the article reports.
  5. Vincent Peri

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    Hmm... he probably got
    beaten up, so he stopped...
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  6. I'm no wizard, though I am a long-time Photoshop user. Here is a quck-and-dirty "repair" of one of the images:
    Maybe the hole is better?
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  7. Certainly not! This is way better. Proof that aliens exist and they were also documenting the US during depression (that's your face you cloned in I presume)
  8. I must confess I've done this exactly once in my life. I worked as a ship's photographer for a while. We took lots of pics & sold them for $3:50 US a pop for a 5X7" print with a 3-color logo of the ship, cruise number & date. We lived exclusively on the commission of $0.35 per.

    Block-booking for groups or Companies was normal, as was "Working passage" in some form or another. Entertainers in particular found this a good way to get a paid break.

    On this particular series of cruises we had a (I'm being as PC as I can here, bear with me) a certain ethnic group of fashion models from a major city in the United States North-East. They were "working passage" by putting on multiple fashion shows during the trip. We were specifically asked to heavily photograph both the shows & the entire staff, models & support. We did so. They purchased exactly nothing, not one image.

    At the end of the 4-week season they suddenly produced a lawyer citing copyright as the fashions were all “copyrighted, patented & trademarked” & demanded both all the prints & all the negatives. Not just of the shows either, he wanted every image even those of them taking shore excursions & so on as we couldn't guarantee that a copyrighted garment wasn't in them.

    Yes it was a setup. We were conned for several thousand dollars.

    The prints we shipped to out home office weekly (waste & materials control) so we didn't have any of them, except for the last (current) weeks set. They were shipped free by the line by whatever route had space available. Sometimes it took 3 or 4 months to reach the office. The negatives we kept for reprint orders & they went home every 6 months or so.

    We checked the actual wording of the papers & it specified “100% of all materials, both film & others, as relevant".

    I personally punched every single negative of over 75 rolls of 135-36 & placed them in a 100' film can. We then had them count the punch dots to the frame count to verify it was indeed 100% of the film.

    I'd do it again under the same circumstances too. Perhaps one day the prints will finally make it to home office so we can forward them also?
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    chazfan, Good work. I hope the loss of photos set them back on their butts.
  10. I don't know there chazfenn, that sounds like a lot of work there. Had it been me they might well have found the film at the bottom of the ocean.

    Rick H.
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    "I fought the law and the law won."
  12. But then they could have sued us & possibly even won. This way we were legally compliant but they didn't succeed either. It was worth the effort.
    Besides the industry was under enough scrutiny for environmental issues..

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