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Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dcheung, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Luminous-Landscape recently presented a spreadsheet for helping with comparing different camera models. here

    I was curious as to the DxO mark score per price for these cameras so I added an additional column and thought maybe other people will find it useful too.

    Based on a value for your money perspective, looking at the 20+ MP models, the 5D mkII scores not too badly. (Before anyone flames my thread, by "value", i mean DxO mark score)

    If you guys at Luminous-Landscape find that I am stealing your speadsheet, please let me know and I will remove the link as soon as I hear about it. I'm also not sure if this has already been done before, if so, sorry for the repost.
  2. Interesting way to look at things, but just looking a brute numbers doesn't say much. By that token the Nikon D3, which i think most people would agree is an amazing camera, i deffinitly something not to buy. Same with the original 5D which is still a stellar pefomer, also not worth it according to the numbers. It is interesting however to see this graphed, essentially, as price goes up, your money buys less and less. Of course the DXO mark tests don't account for features, lens' choices, accesoories, build quality... ect.
  3. Gotta' say this whole "choose your camera by forumula" thing leaves me completely cold. As anyone who has tried to completely quantify and then weight all of the possible variables in a situation like this knows, there are all kinds of places where this process can go skidding off the tracks.
  4. I don't see this being relevant at all, like Sam mentioned this doesn't take into consideration features or build quality of the camera. Based on this assessment, then the Olympus E520 is best camera to buy even though it scored a lot lower on dxO scores.
  5. I find DxO flawed for the reasons Luminous Landscape indicate - no resolution and no price info. However, I played around with their spread sheet and thought it was pretty much worthless and this doesn't help much either.
    But then I don't really care either. Unless things really get out of whack, I am only buying Canon anyway as that is the system I have been using for 20 years, and within Canon I know what I want and what I want that I can't afford.

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