add on textured grips for 30D

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by jr stevens, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. Hi there i find that the grips on my 30D get quite slippery when shooting in damo or really humid weahter and are quite a bit harder in texture than my buddy's Nikon D300..DOES ANYONE KNOW OF ANY AFTER MARKET GRIPS, TAPE ETC THAT YOU CAN APPLY TO THE 30D TO GET A BETTER GRIP ?
  2. This hand strap is one of the best accessories I have bought. Before I had it, I was trying everything I could come up with. I am not into hiking but do a lot of walking, zoos, downtowns etc. My camera is less prominent when I have it by my side.
  3. Inside voices.
  4. I've been trying to get a better grip for years, but I guess that isn't what you're interested in, eh?
    I haven't tried them personally, but there are these body armor thingies that fit over the camera body called "Camera Armor" (found one for 40D at B&H (link )). Might do the job and it's not hideously expensive.
  5. Later: Adorama has these on sale for $25 for the 30D model (link ).
    I almost bought one for my 5D, but figured out it was incompatible with my LCD hood. For the 5D they had camouflage which tempted me but then thought this might not be as usable as plain black....
  6. You could remove the exsisting material and use this as a pattern for a preferred fabric, or you could get Canons own very good hand strap E1 (i think) a bit over priced but never leaves my XTi & grip.

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