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Discussion in ' Site Help' started by frigo, Nov 21, 2017.

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    Watched the video! Thank you for sharing. Love that she mentioned AllAdvantage as a possible solution to the problem (mind you they dissolved in the 1st dot com bubble burst) - long long ago I worked at AllAdvantage in as an AE. The Brave browser is interesting idea - if you don't mind trusting the folks of Brave. I get both sides, trust me I do. I think my biggest issue with the Adblocker companies is that when we reach out to them to explain we adhere to their manifestos and that we do care about serving ads that are relevant to our subject that are safe - and we should be whitelisted because we've taken appropriate actions to not serve ads that suck....they then tell us we need pay them a very large sum of money to be whitelisted and it will be a recurring fee. At that point, it just feels very wrong - much like the mobster telling the shop owner he needs to pay for "protection".
  2. Ethics and Capitalism can often make for strange bedfellows.
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    Hmm... like Ethics and
    Socialism... oh wait, that's
    an oxymoron...
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  5. Well at least Glenn as adminstrator isn't shutting down such discussions at even the mention of the word Ad Blockers as former admins in the old design used to do years back.

    I know longer have to call it "Blab Bloppers" in order to avoid the actual term being indexed by search engines or as a flagged term by administration.
  6. Helpful thread,
    Check out the list of Best Ad Blockers which you can use in 2018 on chrome, firefox and on OS or device.
  7. Thanks for the heads up on the Ad Blockers but I don't know if they're relevant any longer because a lot of the sites I visit now detect them and alert me to turn them off if I want to view that site's content.

    And besides that the ads for some reason all of a sudden within the past 6 months or so load very quickly and now don't seem to be much of a bother as before making me less motivated to want to download and install Ad Blockers.

    If sites want me to view their ads and then make it difficult and resource hogging for my browser and processor, it's THEIR FAULT, NOT MINE!

    Looks like somebody agreed with me and fixed it.

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