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  1. I bought a used Sunpak auto DX 12-R ring flash. I got a PDF manual but I'm in need of an adapter ring so as it will fit my macro lens with a 52mm filter thread. I know it has been years since these were made and the only ring I can find is for a 77 mm filter thread. Can I use that with a step down ring to adapt it? Are there any other rings that may work? I have an email out to Tocad (who marketed these units and they sent me the PDF manual) but no response just yet...
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    I used step down rings with my Lester Dine macro ring flash a couple of years ago. No problems. You should be fine.
  3. I think the native thread is a Series 7. Step-up/down rings from Series 7 to conventional filter sizes are pretty common.

    However, the adapters supplied with a ringflash usually have a larger than usual serrated surround so that they can be easily fitted to a macro lens.
  4. I was wrong! I was obviously thinking of a different model of ring-flash.

    I just looked at the DX-12r manual and it shows a custom adapter. So I think the OP's only option is the step-down ring suggestion.
  5. Just for background:

    Here is a site that explains the step-up/down business: - Offical Site. The world's largest seller of Camera Adapter Rings.

    The measurements for the rings always go from the CAMERA (lens filter size) to the filter size:
    Adapter rings are labeled from the camera to the filter.

    For example, a 25.5mm to 46mm step up ring is used for a camera (or lens) with 25.5mm threads. The adapter will allow a 46mm filter (or other adapter ring) to fit.
    Adapter rings can be stacked. To use a 49mm filter on a 25.5mm camera lens, first use a 25.5mm to 46mm step up ring and then a 46mm to 49mm step up ring.
  6. That's fine as long as what you need actually exists!

    I wanted to reverse some enlarger lenses onto a Leica-fit bellows, but it appears that Leica users just don't reverse their lenses onto a bellows or camera. Because could I find a 39mm LTM lens-reverser in any size..... nope! Such things just don't exist. Not even in the vast virtual universe of the Internet.

    In the end I discovered that a 43mm filter fitted into the recess of a two-part T-mount. Voila! Remove the glass from a cheap 43mm UV filter and screw it into a 39mm Zenit-fit T-mount and the job was (nearly) done. Most enlarging lenses use a 40.5mm filter thread; so the addition of a 43mm to 40.5 step-down ring was needed. Or 40.5mm to 43mm step up, if you prefer!

    It just makes things easier and clearer if the threads are referred to as M(ale) and F(emale). But maybe that doesn't sit well with Snowflake gender-neutralists?

    BTW and FWIW. My older copy of the OED defines 'gender' as solely relating to words and grammar. No mention of a multiplicity of them, and certainly not in relation to people and their sexual preferences.
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  7. Gee, I'm sorry if you understood that I was recommending adapters that didn't exist.
  8. Well they're closed for the winter till April so it's not far off 'don't exist'. :)
    E-bay is generally a quicker route with most types available.
  9. Gosh
    everything so literally-

    Did I say that it was a place to buy ?
  10. Lighten up JD.
    I meant no criticism of your post. It just set me off on a train of thought that found its way into this thread.

    Lockdown boredom will do that.
  11. At mention of the Lester Dine ring flash, I should mention that they re-purposed a Yuzo flash for their particular application. When I peeled the stick-on label off the back of mine, I found some switch positions and info not used by Dine. The bare Yuzo is a little more versatile.
  12. Apparently actually made by Nissin.

    Badge engineering rules!

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