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  1. How do I find out how many acutations my h3d-39ms has? Thanks,
  2. Nowhere.
    It's a meaningless statistic.
  3. why do you say that/ I need it for trading the camera in for a new model, so they can figure out a value?
  4. That would then be based upon an assumption about the MTBF.
    It's something carried over from the 35 mm format based DSLR world, and even there it is rather meaningless.
    You're dealing with very expensive (you will have noticed that ;-)) professional gear, that is (or should be) serviced at regular intervals. Shutters are in exchangeable lenses. How long the electronics will last, nobody knows.
    So suppose the number would be 26,864. Then what?
  5. Brian, for one reason, the back is removable, so actuations are only recorded by and for the all electronic back, and not the camera body, unlike a DSLR. The body could have 50,000 actuations, and the digital back only 1000. The back isn't mechanical. Hasselblad writes the actuation number to the EXIF data, and that could be read by any number of EXIF readers, like Opanda, etc.
  6. I see your point, however does the camera record that information anywhere?
  7. Only on the files. H3s record a RAW file that is a modified TIFF file. I don't know of any camera that records the total count on the camera, except for some Fuji based cameras that count rolls shot.
  8. EXIF Data reader for mac?
  9. There probably is an EXIF reader for MAC, but I've only used them on Windows. You'd have to do a search, or check MAC downloads on for one.
  10. Menu -> Settings -> System Status -> Next
    Will yield the Body exposure count.
    Kind regards,
    Derek Jecxz

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