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  1. Does anyone know how to activate a CS4 upgrade? I used a valid serial number on CS4 and it took it just fine. I then hit "NEXT"
    and put a valid serial number in for CS3 ..... IT said invalid serial number... The serial number for CS3 is right off the e-mail from Adobe
    stating this is the serial number foe CS3. Does anyone know where I am going wrong?
  2. By any chance is your CS3 an Extended version and your CS4 a standard version?
    Extended—which includes education and educator discounts—must upgrade to Extended.
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    Colin's point is worth looking into. Assuming it's not the problem, I can tell you from numerous experiences with numerous products that Adobe's upgrade process can be renamed the Adobe upgrade prevention process. For most upgrades, I have ended up on the phone with Adobe technical support being led through a convoluted process that used some long and secret number to get the upgrade to install, along with faxes and forms submissions. Of course, whenever I moved to a new computer, the entire process had to be repeated because nothing sticks in Adobe's system, so you want to write everything down and store it safely somewhere.
    So my recommendation is that as long as you are trying to install the correct upgrade, you should call Adobe technical support.
  4. At this point it is permissible, under certain circumstances, to upgrade from an extended version of Photoshop to a standard version (if that is indeed the problem), but it MUST be done while on the phone with an Adobe agent.
    Heed the above warning, however, the process can be quite painful and convoluted even if the extended / standard problem is not at the root of your difficulty.
  5. Call Adobe. You will be fine.

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