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  1. I am looking to write a short article on Action Sports Photography. What would you consider to be some of the top ten questions with answers that new comers to Action Sports Photography would ask or would want to know?
    Jerry J. Jansen
  2. 1) Do the recent high-ISO capabilities in newer DSLR bodies get around the need for expensive fast lenses for low-light sports shooting?

    2) How does in-lens and in-body image stabilization technology apply to sports shooting, if at all?

    3) How does the emergence of more reasonably-priced full-frame DSLRs impact lens choices and budgets for sports shooters?

    4) How does a photographer get good sideline position for shooting arena sports?

    5) What are the legal ramifications of shooting youth sports, in both public and private settings?

    6) What are the best strategies for dealing with foul weather, in terms of transporting and using gear?

    7) Why is it so hard to get staff positions shootings sports on a salary?

    8) What is the best way to convey large, just-shot high resolution digital images to the editors that will be using them, as you shoot them?

    9) What are the best strategies for on-site backups of content?

    10) What are the odds of actually making a living as a sports photographer?

    And no, I'm not going to even start to propose answers to any of those questions, because then I'd be doing your homework for you. Are you "looking to write" such an article, or hoping that people here will write it for you?
  3. It's better to ask the student the questions . . .

    1 Why is the image more important than camera or lens?

    2 What is the purpose (intended use) of the image in the first place?

    3 Why do you need to have an understanding of the sport to get the best image?

    4 Why does the critical moment to capture always happens between frames even with 10fps cameras?

    5 Why do you need to anticipate the action?

    6 How do you give a sense of action/speed/movement to an image?

    7 Why is it important to plan your shoot to give yourself a better chance at a unique image?

    8 Why do you need to practice shooting a sport to improve your images?

    9 Why do you need to learn from your poor images?

    10 Why shooting thousands of average quality images does not guarantee that you will ever have even one superior image?

    Jay J. Hector
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  4. Whenever I get asked by newcomers, the questions are always much more basic:
    What's the best camera and lens?
    How can I get started?
    What's the best way to sell photos?
    Who do I contact to sell my photos?
    Why are your images so much better than mine?
    How much money can I make?
    Why can't I make the kind of money you are?
    Why aren't my photos selling when I post them on-line?
    Sorry to be so blunt, but that's the truth and there's no easy answer for any of these. If you are really aiming at newcomers - that's my 2 cents. I attended a 5 hour seminar that was supposed to be for working sports pros and those are the kind of questions that were asked also. Sad.
  5. How do I find the best place to stand/set up?
    How early do I have to turn up?
    How do I find a place that doesn't have an unsightly background?
    How long does it take to process 2000 photos after a day shooting?
    Do I really need to take business cards and a notepad everywhere I go?
    What else should I photograph when I'm there?
  6. How has the low price DSLR impacted your business?
    What do you do when you have a contract with the league and you find someone else selling photos from the event?
    What do you do when a parent comes down to the sidelines (restricted areas) and starts shooting?
    How do you handle the business side of things? Taxes, lawyers, etc...
    How come you didn't get a good photo of my child or favorite player?
    Do I really need to shoot sports in raw?

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