Acros in Rodinal (not on massive dev chart)

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by giverin, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. I shot some Acros (35mm) yesterday evening doing a prom shoot for a neighbour. I don't have a lot of experience with acros/rodinal so a couple of weeks ago I shot a test roll at E.I.50 and based on Chris Wallers advice here, developed in Rodinal 50+1 for 8 minutes. I was really happy with the results.
    However, last evening, it was quite cloudy and I had to shoot at ISO100. The Massive Development Chart does not give a time for this combo so any advice would be welcome. I was also shooting with my DSLR and using the histogram, I found I was having to overexpose by 1/3 stop. This means that my film shots may be underexposed by 1/3 stop (both DSLR and SLR were Canon with similar metering). Is it worth overdevloping the film slightly or should I just develop normaly and compensate if required when I print the shots? Thanks in advance.
  2. With Rodinal,
    I develop it for 13.5 minutes (1+50 dilution) @ 68F. And this is at the rated 100 asa.
    I've also pushed it to 400 asa: 1+50 dilution, 15 minutes @ 70 degrees F with excellent results.
  3. Paul, I believe the MDC does give a time, as I just looked it up last week for some 4x5 that I shot.
  4. Hi Michael, yes it does. For some reason I thought that because they listed 35mm and 120 film in separate columns, there must be a difference in development times but having looked at other film/development combos I can see that its not the case. I was just looking in the 35mm column.
    Mark, thanks for the info. I'll probably try that.
  5. Last roll I did was 6.5 min in 1+25 and was shot at 100;
    came out beautiful
  6. I use it in Rodinal at 1:50, ASA/ISO 100, 68F 8.5min, 70F 8min, 72F 7min, 75F 6.5. I prefer first and vigorous agitation for 15 sec, then 5 sec each 60 sec (based on careful testing). This will result in a GBar of .50 and a Z5 of .70 for normal lighting. I have other film speeds and developing times for, from shadowless lighting up to very contrasty lighting.
  7. Paul, I use Acros and Rodinal at 1-50 shot at 80asa for 10 minutes with first 60sec. of agitation and 4 inversions each minute after. 68 dgrees. I have a Beseler condenser 45mxt and always have great results.

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