ACR, Lightroom, Photoshop CS6 and stitching

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  1. I'm not going to CC, but sticking with CS6. Eventually will go to Lightroom. Here's the question - what doe s ACR That Lightroom can't?
    One thing I like with ACR and CS6 is that I can stitch raw images with the CS6/ACR combo. Will I be able to do this using future
    Lightroom but staying with CS6?
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    Lightroom 6/CC has photo stitching.
  3. Thanks, Jeff. Does the photo stitching apply to the stand alone version of Lightroom 6, or just the CC?
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    It should apply to both but I have no way of checking since I only have CC.
    Here's an article on it -
  5. Do you realize that PS and LR are completely different products with different purposes? I would find it difficult to just use one or the other, in photography.
  6. Peter,
    Actually I intend to use Lightroom as my RAW converter after ACR 9.1 becomes outdated, then export my converted files to CS6 for work in Photoshop. I'm not going to CC as I don't like monthly access to my credit card or bank accounts. Same with SiriusXM, the gym, etc. Prefer to pay once with a paper check and that's it.
  7. Well, perhaps you should look at other offerings for the raw conversion. I currently use PhotoNinja from the folks that made NoiseNinja. I usually like to use a sharpening tool in PS before I do anything in LR. I don't particularly care for how ACR works in PS so I use PhotoNinja for the raw converter.
    The other glaring reality is the free DNG converter which will always be current. Even CS2 can edit those DNG files.
  8. as I don't like monthly access to my credit card or bank accounts​
    I'll try that one with the tax collector.
    ACR vs Lightroom: Last comparison I saw was with LR5/CS6: basically ACR and the Develop mode of LR can do about the same, although this may have changed lately. Remember that RAW conversion of LR is based on ACR. In addition LR organizes your pictures and this is where LR shines.
    Stitching is available in LR6/CC but you can still send the pictures from LR to CS6. Remove vignetting, do lens correction etc and send the pictures to CS6. And re-import the stitched picture automatically in LR.
  9. "Here's the question - what does ACR do that Lightroom can't?"


    Adobe has released what they say is the final update to the version of ACR used by Photoshop CS6, so for cameras that
    are not currently supported you'll either need a Lightroom CC subscription or continue to update Lightroom 6, and maybe
    someday replace it with a hypothetical Lightroom 7/8/9, or use Abobe's free DNG converter for those future camera's raw

    For stitching I still prefer working with TIFFs and creating a layers + Background PSB document in PTGui Pro. It gives me more control.
  10. You can select images in Lightroom and have them sent to Photoshop for stitching - I do it all the time with RAW files. Lightroom will open 16 bit images in ProPhoto RGB in Photoshop for stitching. I am using Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 6.
  11. Ditto what Robert said. I have LR and CS6. Been doing it for several versions of LR.

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