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  1. Hi everyone! I am just starting out and trying to make sure my books are in order. I would
    love to hear opinions on what accounting software you are using in your photography
    I have Photobyte which is pretty cool except that it doesn't really track 'payables' and those
    fonts are awfully small! I am also looking at MYOB (the $99 version) as it has photography
    templates and works on a Mac.
    My accountant likes Quickbooks but the only version they have that will work on a Mac is a
    little pricey.
    So what do you folks think? Hey, thanks in advance and Merry Christmas!
  2. Have you looked at Blinkbid?
  3. Some options:<br />
    <br />
    PhotoByte<br />
    PI/E<br />
    Full Spectrum<br />
    FotoBiz<br />
    Quickbooks<br />
  4. I use Quickbooks and think it works reasonably well. It does require some amount of tweaking to get the forms how you like them. The supplied manual sucks and for the most part requires you to figure out things on your own. .

    A lot of people have serious issues with Intuit's ethics, but I haven't needed any upgrades or support. Try and find it on Ebay. I got a fully legit version for PC, brand new in a sealed box, for about 50% off.
  5. Ellen, I used to have a wedding photo business (very small) and I found the version of MYOB that you refer to (using the Photographer template) more than adequate. Since I used to get all my money up front receivables weren't a worry. I didn't use an accountant so yours should sign off on it before you decide to use it. Don't want to be counterproductive here & tick him\her off! Best, LM.
  6. If you are looking for an accounting solution that has photographers, artists, and other freelancers in mind then I would recommend Projected Frame which is available here:
    It is designed to exactly what you describe and you can try it out and see if it fits your needs for free.
    The Easy Accounting Solution for the Photographer is an easy-to-use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that aids photographers with their bookkeeping needs.

    The Easy Accounting Solution for the Photographer allows photographers to:
    • Manage their customer database
    • Keep track of their jobs
    • Produce invoices
    • Track which products are selling the most/least
    • Track income, expenses, assets and liabilities
    There are also tabs for:
    • A detailed checkbook
    • Tracking major tax deductions, and
    • One that lets photographers know how their business is doing overall on a month-to-month basis (Income Statement)
  8. I don't know why think link above did not work. Try going to home page and going to the specific photographer link.
  9. does anyone have a discount on easy accounting solutions?

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