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  1. Not sure if this is a legitimate abstract theme (maybe it should be in landscape?), so movable, removable at moderator's discretion.

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    47  Henderson_thermals_10_12-68.jpg
    • 5Dii Yellowstone
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  3. The thing I enjoy most about shooting abstracts--and particularly abstract landscapes--is how much it makes me concentrate on the composition. I'd shot this as an abstract, but it took me quite a while in post to figure out how to crop it to get what I wanted (this is about a third of the original frame).

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    • Canon EOS 5 ii, 100-400mm mk 1​
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  4. A fond goodbye to the Andes farewell to peru.jpg
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  5. Wayne, in my opinion, abstraction comes in degrees. So there should be no concern about the image in your OP. Unknown copy copy.jpg UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_95ae copy.jpg Unknown copy copy.jpg Unknown copy copy.jpg An image may be "purely" abstract by virtue of its not containing any ordinarily identifiable elements or partially abstract, or anywhere in between. I'll post a couple of images to illustrate this.
  6. Oops, still trying to reach a comfort zone with the new format. Sorry for the duplication.
  7. Woods in winter 999 winter2.jpg
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  8. CRW_2557.jpg

    Painted Hills Natl Monument OR Canon 300D Sigma 70-300
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  9. This one is a desert landscape with windmills in it.

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