Abstact monochrome photography? How?

Discussion in 'Abstract' started by nigel_sinkins, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. Hi there,
    I am interested in traditional monochroome photograpghy, that is using film etc,
    I use Contax SLR's, Olympus OM's and sometime Mamiya 330's. Using my own darkroom up untill now have been satisfied with producing photos that have a good definition, in focus etc? However would like to experiment i bit, especially with my landscapes and try something a little more abstract, as in trying to get a "turner" effect, if that is the right way to describe it, where the skies for example are not so much blurred but as i said " abstract" in apperance. Realise that might be quite difficult but any suggestions would be more than welcome. Hope i have expressed myself OK there!
    Nigel Sinkins
  2. SCL


    Not sure what the "turner effect" is that you're trying to achieve. You can certainly lighten and darken skies with filters and post processing. Perhaps you could link to a sample of what you're talking about.

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