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Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by claudia__, Jul 8, 2004.

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  2. rowlett

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    I know... I've friggen died and gone to moderator's hell today. Yep, that's it.
    I hereby proclaim this a "No Words" thread, not a "Words/No words" thread and I am deleting any response that contains words.
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  6. Got this through the email:
  7. Tony please delete this sick leftwing whacko crap. Don't like those workds, too bad. This is not the place for that garbage on a Leica website.
  8. Why don't you have the guts to use your real name quiche lorraine, or do you just use this site to drop bombs and run.
  9. Tony: "I hereby proclaim this a "No Words" thread, not a "Words/No words" thread and I
    am deleting any response that contains words."

    What are you waiting for? Go on. Let's see you delete Eliot Rosen's posts. Just to see.
  10. Please delete my picture. It was a cheap shot.
  11. Tony,

    I do feel for you on this, but please keep it going. Let's see where it ends. Do delete inflamatory/racist comments, on both sides...I am interested in seeing what is posted here.
  12. oxoxox
  13. Non verbal.
  14. Spearhead

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    BS, Copyright 2000 Jeff Spirer
    BTW, many of us know who Quiche is, it's not that difficult to find out, she doesn't hide it. Click on her name and then go to her web site. It's all there if you can deal with 18 seconds of web time. I guess some people can't figure that out or are too lazy. (Sorry for the words, Tony.)
  15. Tony...why not just let this thread simply run it's course? No harm will be done. At this time in our history we need to express ourselves openly.

    I do think that a "no words" rule is good...just: "visual statements."

    No Words!
  16. No words except for Eliot?
  17. [​IMG]
    skate board liar
  18. [​IMG]
    beats not bombs
  19. [​IMG]
    crush bush 2004
  20. The unused hearts of conservatives?

    Red meat for blue-state attack dogs?
  21. Land of the Free
  22. Right Wing Republican
  23. cool thread by the way.
  24. Geopolireligioistic neighborhood.
  25. Actually some good shots here. I could do without the commentary though.
  26. Damn, getting heavy duty here.

    Doug, does that say "bomb in our name" or "bong in our name"?
  27. BOMB. though bong might not be a bad idea either ;-)
  28. 'could also do without slams on particular religions/religious communities by people who are obviously too ignorant to know what they're talking about.
  29. Olympus 1/2 frame, 1966.
  30. All of this will end. Peace and love among us.
  31. Thanks for showing us your doodoo.

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