A6xxx series exposure compensation

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  1. When you use exposure compensation does the scale always pop up to block part of the evf or rear screen or can that be turned off?
  2. You can control what is displayed using the 4-way (top station) and in the tool box menu.
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  3. On my a6000, the 'cleanest' I can get the rear screen is showing - from left to right - Shutter speed, Aperture, Exp Comp (flashing if set) and ISO speed or mode.
    This is in a single line along the bottom of the screen. About 4 or 5mm high.

    The shooting mode also appears above the ISO speed for a while, but turns itself off with the first pressure of the release button.

    The information is the same in the EVF, but doesn't cut into the frame area at all. It's presented in a black margin that runs around the picture area. Very similar to a DSLR viewfinder. Except a bit clearer.
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