A570 IS, CHDK, lens error, now what?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by dave_redmann, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. (I hope you won't mind my posting this here, but I expect a more knowledgeable set of responses than I'd get in either the CPC or the MDC forum.)
    The other night my trusty old (2007) Canon PowerShot A570 IS started giving me the dreaded "Lens error, restart camera" message every time I turn it on. At first the 'lens cap' curtains opened but the lens did not extend; now neither happens. It has not done this before. I did just install the newest version of the CHDK firmware hack the other day (last time I used it), although it has had an older version of CHDK since 2009. Also, I shoved it, turned off and it the Canon soft case, into my pocket while in an awkward position. Either, both, or neither may have contributed to the problem.
    I've tried removing the batteries, memory card, auxiliary lens mount cover (the little ring around the lens), and starting in both recording (picture taking) and playback modes, and nothing makes a difference.
    Do you have any suggestions? I am reasonably handy with small electromechincal devices, and have done stuff like fixing my old cassette Walkman and re-foaming my Canonets. I really like the camera's combination of size and features. There's not much newer of this size that gives me PASM, flash exposure compensation, a viewfinder, and (with CHDK) the ability to shoot raw. Yeah, I suppose I could find another one (or an A720 IS) on eBay, but with cameras of this age, there's significant risk there too (and this one has generally been treated fairly well). Thanks!
  2. http://www.ixus-world.de/index.htm?tips/repair_guide/e18_01en.htm
  3. Thanks Rob, that looks like the good start I was hoping to find here!
  4. This gives you an idea what you're up against.
    If you can find a service manual, that can be a great help with dismantling and reassembling, although it won't cover repairing the optical unit.
    I have successfully fixed lens errors on several Canon PowerShots just for fun. It's often sand in the gears. It takes the right tools, a good memory, patience, mechanical dexterity and more patience. For an old camera (I know 5 years shouldn't be considered old) the secondhand prices are so low I'd just get another one.
    Good Luck.

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