A year that will live in infamy.

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  1. I haven't done anything with it yet.

    I will probably try the 1961 35mm FX first. That is the form that has precut tongues for five rolls,
    especially convenient for Leica style bottom loading cameras.
  2. Just a rough guess, the time between manufacture and expiry date could be about two years

    I exposed and developed a roll of 616 Verichrome 18 months ago, the expiry date was March 1947 and I gave it only one stop extra exposure. Storage of the film was unknown

    I had no idea how to develop the film so just did it normally and every image was a foggy grainy mess. Looking closely, I could see some very faint outlines of subjects but certainly not worth scanning. An interesting exercise I learned from. My next expired B&W film was a 120 Verichrome 1983 of known storage, not frozen, endured hot summers and cold winters. I gave it one extra stop, shot it in the Bronica with AE 111 finder, developed with extra time and all that was adverse was some light deteriorated emulsion but the images looked ok

    Here is a link about 100 year old undeveloped film
    Photo Negatives Survive a Century Frozen In Antarctic Ice
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