A wordpress (or similar) where individual images can be "liked" or "share"

Discussion in 'Website Creation' started by michael_duff|2, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I've been looking everywhere for a wordpress theme, or a fully hosted image gallery solution that can do what I need. I hope maybe someone here knows of a solution!
    I need to have multiple galleries (Expedition #1, Expedition #2, etc etc) and within each gallery is a selection of images. Each image can be clicked on to view it bigger, read its caption AND then use social media buttons to share or like that specific image.
    It is going to be almost purely an image gallery site ... no blogging or e-commerce or anything else
    Thank in advance!
  2. Try the woo themes site, they have a couple of nice themes that fit your requirements One is called Snapshot and you can see it in action on this web site hosted by the Barbados Photographic Society
  3. great thanks for the link. Will check it out
  4. Hi Michael, What type of photography are you doing? if you are doing any type of outdoor photography I would recommend you look at a site that has the ability to make your photo really big in a browser. One of my favorite photographers is Bruce Fansworth; www.brucefarnsworth.com his site looks awesome. Also check out Chris Rainier www.chrisrainier.com. Both of these photographers use a liveBooks platform.

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