A Wisner SUCCESS Story

Discussion in 'Large Format' started by michael_kadillak|6, Jul 3, 2003.

  1. With an inherent amount of uncertainty following recent posts on this
    forum on Wisner product delivery and quality control, I proceeded
    with the order of a 12x20 back for my 11x14 camera through Quality
    Camera. The order was placed on April 18th and I am very pleased to
    say that I received the back yesterday (July 2nd)in fine order.

    Kudos to Ron on a job well done with high quality and on time. Truth
    be told, he and his staff were ahead of my expectations. Keep up the
    good work and we will all benefit. I also feel expressing
    appreciation to the instrumental assistance of both Jeff and Jerry at
    Quality Camera for constantly following the progress on my behalf and
    insuring that I was taken care of is in order. Professional customer
    service at its finest and flat out great people. I did not have to
    pick up the phone once during the process. Jerry called me.

    If you are considering a Wisner product, or anything photographic
    give Quality Camera an opportunity to show you their stuff. The smile
    on my face is from a very safisfied customer and I will leave it at
  2. Michael,

    That is a good story. Nice to hear good news about Wisner on this board for a change.

    For those that might not know, The "12x20 back" for an 11x14 camera is more then a reducing back. It is a whole camera back correct? It has the rear rails which slide into the camera bed, a bellows and a whole camera back. In is actually half a camera, using the only the front standard and camera bed from the 11x14.

    I have a similar set up with my Wisner 8x10/8x20. It's a great idea to add more options to the camera system.

    I've only had one problem with mine. I seem to find when I'm shooting with both formats and I walk into a location, which ever way the camera is set up, I see an image for the other format.

    Be careful when changing the backs out. The back is heavier then it looks. It more of an awkward weight. Also, it very easy to change the angle the rails as they are being removed and this can put an extra stress on the part of the camera bed that holds in the rails. Meaning if your not careful you can easily break them.

    George Losse
  3. George, you are correct in the fact that it is "half a camera". The reails for the existing format remove the bellow and ground glass assembly and the new back and bellows are put on as the rails fit on the existing camera bed. Innovative design.

    Yes, care must be give to swapping them out as before the rails are fully inserted, the weight cannot be adequately supported by the thin cross section of the rals as the back is fairly heavy.

    Adding a new perspective to an existing format is a nice way to compliment your equipment without a new base camera. Cheers!
  4. Congratulations on getting this early. Dealing through Jeff at Quality camera is always a positive experience. With your Wisner special order getting to you early & in excellent condition I hope this is only the first of a great many success stories of a maker who can build some of the finest cameras around. Hope any and all who have had problems are all sorted out & Ron does everything on time or earlier from now on. This is what we would all expect & what he says he can do. Service of the quality of Phillips & Canham is where he should be so those who look at cameras know they can expect top flight service to go with top flight cameras. Each reflecting the philosophy of their makers, delivered on time & without glitches every time.

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