A walk with a Prominent and a Contax

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by vidom, Oct 10, 2005.

  1. There are too many cameras. I really like to use all of my old cameras, but when I spontaneously decide to go for a walk I nearly always find myself grabbing a Contax or a Leica. For a change, I took my Voigtlander Prominent to the beach; I hadn't used it for more than a year. Well, 35mm is the widest lens for the Prominent and I like wide angles on the beach, so I ended up packing my Contax IIa with the 21 Biogon as well. So here are a few samples. It's quite amazing what these old things are still capable of!
  2. Next one a Biogon shot, obviously. Orange filter used, the clouds looked less dramatic in reality.
  3. Sorry, forgot the picture:
  4. Here's one more Prominent shot:
  5. Last one's one more Biogon picture.
  6. I love your Biogon pictures and can't see enough of them! Keep posting, Peter!
  7. Every time I look at a 21mm Biogon image I'm impressed all over again
  8. "Dune at Prerow" is VERY impressive!

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