A Walk w/a Girl and Her New Yashica D

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  1. Out for a walk with me best gal and her "new" Yashica D. Still need to scan her negs, but here are my shots from the walkabout. Cameras I used were a Nettar, a Rolfix, and a recently acquired Iskra which replaces the one I foolishly parted with over the summer. This Nettar was my first "classic" purchase, a folder bought after scouring the posts for information and being counseled to look for an old folding camera. When it arrived, I ogled it for a bit, never got around to shooting it. Eventually, I sent it to live with Lester Gediman. The self-timer was jammed, but Les knew a guy who knew a ting-or-two-bout-a-ting-or-two, and so it would be repaired. Months later, it is back in my hands. Lester determined he wouldn't be using it much and wanted it to go back home. I will exercise her, I wrote back.
    Well, more weeks have passed since receiving the Nettar returned. I loaded some APX100 in it and managed to shoot a few on Sunday.
    This is a 6x9 folder, Telma shutter, anastigmat lens, 105mm focal length & f6.3 - nothing fancy, speeds T, B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, and a blazing 1/125:
    APX100 in Diafine
    Along for the walk was a Franka Rolfix 6x9 (missing the mask for 6x6), Radionar lens with coating well-rubbed, 105mm and f4.5 - I like this camera, and it does nice things wide open if you like that blurry stuff. I share a few frames from this roll below:
    APX100 in Diafine
    Ending this series, some shots from the Iskra.
    K really enjoyed getting to shoot her new camera. This is her first "classic", and her first TLR - She's digging it, even insisted on developing her own film. I'm not even allowed to scan her negs - she'll do it tonight after dinner. I can't wait to see them, negs look pretty good. She's got some work to do getting a better feel for the camera and resisting rotating it while framing, but she's on her way. Dean Williams sold me the Yashica D - Thanks, Dean, for the bang-up job on restoring that D. You may quote me a satisfied customer if you wish.
    Iskra shots now, APX100 in Rodinal this time:
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
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  2. Craig, Nice photos, I like the Rodinal developed negs the best.I also think it smart to have your better half,out shooting photos with you,especially when its time to buy a new camera. She will be more understanding of the sickness.
  3. Michael, your feedback is most appreciated. Let me know if you ever need a assistant/sidekick, would be proud to work with ya.
  4. Thanks Craig, I will be happy to, if I am ever in your neck of the woods.
  5. I picked up a Yashica 635 earlier last year. I looks unused and did not have the 35mm kit with it. But...it was only 20 Bucks and a little exercising of the shutter for a day or two and it works purrfectly. Just a cool camera with lots of bright shiny bits on the outside :)
  6. Nice pics Mr CE. Love the Franka too - when I remember to use the right red window!!
  7. I picked up at Yashica 635 this fall and just love it ... Now I'm getting good at the Sunny 16 Rule ... and enjoying the retro low-tech experience. [​IMG]
  8. Very nice photos, well presented too!

    I wonder if the Radionar is properly adjusted? The 4,5 Radionar was perfected by Schneider to be as good as it gets for a three element lens.
  9. Wonderful pictures of a pretty gal!

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