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  1. To my dear friend Melissa, finally at rest after enduring many years of a painful ordeal. She loved her Scrub Jays and loved getting them to take peanuts off her hat. She will be missed by many.
    Carmel 19f_Picadilly Park_Scrub Jay_Melissa_1.jpg
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    A tribute to Don Skinner (dec'd), former national president of The Mended Hearts, a national support group for cardiac patients, on his retirement from the Elgin, IL. chapter which he founded in the 1970s. Photo od Don and Dr. Secemsky, chief of cardiology taken several years ago. Leica M4, 50mm Summilux, Tri-X.

  3. I took this picture of my dear friend, Mick, and his wife about 50 years ago. He died two weeks ago, just 10 days after his wife.

  4. 9/11 Memorial

    9-11 memorial.jpg
  5. Viva Sempe! A rule violation I'm certain, but I was never able to meet him.
  6. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  7. girl killed in a hit-and-run when passing this intersection in Valencia
    0240a HomenajeAccidente-MemorialMuerta-BicicletaFlores-NAI24.jpg
    Nikkor AI 24 on D700​
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  8. Puts171_web0.jpg
    flowers laid at cliff top where a person had thrown themselves off.
  9. to child i did not know -- only 10 days old IMG_3034.JPG
  10. Marblehead Cemetery, MA
  11. tattoo hand750.jpg Tribute to my Son's friends that were brothers.

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