A theatre-going Franka Solida II

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  1. Folks, I had the opportunity in December to visit a local high school to attend a student performance of "The Plight Before Christmas," a melodrama loosely based on Dickens' "A Christmas Carol." I say loosely because it's set in the Old West of the United States, circa 1880s. Why is this pertinent? Well, I had an itching to try some stage photography that night with my Franka Solida II. Having never been to the theatre before, I had no idea what to expect. I found a small classroom pressed into service as auditorium with only two floodlamps for stage lighting. Luckily, I brought along two rolls of Kodak TMax 400. My Weston Master II light meter barely gave a reading (and it's tested accurate); however, I trusted the instrument and set my Franka accordingly. Most shots were at 1/25 sec. and f/4, or 1/10 sec. and f/5.6. I rated the TMax at EI 800 and push-processed myself at home in D-76. Even though I was on the front row, the actors were fairly far away on the negs, so I cranked the enlarger head up until the image was about a 12x12" square, using 5x7" paper at that image magnification. Here is a photo of the camera and trusty light meter:
  2. Photo 1...
  3. Photo 2...
  4. Well done!
  5. Micah, I'm impressed. very good and challenging idea. you managed to get maximum out of what was available to you. congrats and thanks for sharing.
  6. Well done! That Weston is a classic too. Never leave home without mine.
  7. Hi again,

    I appreciate the comments! Thanks for looking.

    --Micah in NC
  8. Hello, Very nice photos, but the camera shown is a Solida 1. The Solida 2 has an uncoupled rangefinder. I have one, no apparent body number, but Ennagon lens number84348.
  9. There are at least three versions from Franka marked Solida II.
  10. I found a Solida II, but with the uncoupled viewfinder! I think those are rare. The top looks like the Solida III, but on the name plate it says Solida II.

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