A splash of color

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  1. Yellow Accents

  2. EPSN6296_g2.1GBCu2CoRa33.JPG
    Epson R-D1, CV Ultron 28/1.9 LTM (2005)
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  3. Bill Snell

    Bill Snell Bill Snell

  4. [​IMG]Painters at work by Tom Yin, on Flickr

    The monastery in Litang, China had a bad fire which required it to be rebuilt and repainted. It is also known as the Ganden Thubchen Choekhorling Monastery,
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  5. 0001a Colores Espalda Payaso Amarillo-Rojo-Azul-LumixG14.jpg Panasonic Lumix G 14 on M 4/3 camera
  6. Recovered_JPEG Digital Camera_676.jpg
    Canon Powershot G11
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    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

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