A small travel gallery - Milano & Italy - using my M3

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  1. Back in mid-October, we took some days off, traveling to Milan and the Italian Riviera. As you can see, the weather was definitely still OK for the kids :) As usual, I brought the M3 and a couple of lenses along - you can see the resulting 17 images on


    The reason why I'm posting this so (relatively) late is that I've been reworking my website recently - feel free to comment not only on the pictures, but the rest of it as well, if you like :)


  2. Soeren--absolutely beautiful!
    You have a great "eye" and the M3 was perfect.
    Thanks for posting--
  3. I very much like the page layout feature that the NEXT -> link stays in one place!
  4. Beautiful images, Soeren. I love seeing such great pictures shot with a classic. I really like the butcher shop one, the kids on the steps with gelato, and "At the Riviera". And I love the descriptions along with the photos, and the final image of the camera used. The website presentation is very nice -- I appreciate the minimalist layout and navigation.
  5. Hi Soren,
    Great photos. I only wish the scans were higher resolution: they look tiny on a large screen.
  6. Soeren,
    What a delightful picture here. So full of life. Just about to see the others!
  7. Great picture so full of life! So well done with a great sharp lens excellently composed. What Rick S said goes for me too! I lvoe to see such excellent results using classic gear! Head over to your site!
  8. Great photos. It was very pleasant to go along with your family on your Italian visit by way of your finely done pictures.
  9. Nice series, Soeren. I'd second the butcher's shop image as a favourite. Just a little bigger would be even better....
  10. Soeren, I always enjoy your photographs. Thank you.
  11. I would love to see what kind of such beautiful photos you would take in Zurich.
  12. Wonderful photos Soeren, thanks for sharing them.
    And I'm a little jealous of your M3 ;)
  13. Thanks for posting the great photos. The new website looks fine!
  14. Wonderful images! So well captured of all those precious moments. I can't believe the good condition of your M3! Mine looks like me, weathered, vulcanite flaking, chrome worn away and a track mark on film pressure plate.
  15. Søren
    What a wonderful photo! and set... I've enjoyed very much going through your albums and envy your sense for composition and capturing the moment.
  16. wow only 50 images in 8 days - such control. love the beach shot, very inspiring.
  17. Soeren, I enjoyed the tour. The high quality of your shots, sadly missing in most Leica Forum posts, are what I would expect from Leica owners. Your image "Finding Your Way" put me in mind of a similar image I took in Wetzlar many years ago with an M2. See if you agree. Best, LM.
  18. Very nice. Looking at your Malmo gallery I learned there was a bridge from Copenhagen. The last time I was there you had to rely on a choice of ferries.
  19. Fine work.
  20. Beautiful series with very nice tonal quality.
  21. Love them all, what a great place! The shot of the beach with the fisherman was one I really liked, very simple but effective. Milan looks to be a great place to visit, and we have just bought an Alfa Romeo!
    Look forward to your next trip in photographs.

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