A slow saturday... so, some photos of my FD kit

Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by barryreid, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. I thought I'd share my current FD set-up with the forum. First the A-series bodies...
  2. wow...nice.
  3. Absolutely gorgeous, Barry. I can't wait to see your F-series collection...
  4. Next the Lenses...
  5. And the T90...
  6. Someday, I want a T90.
    All very nice though. I just have an AE-1 Program, but it is a great camera. Makes me sorry for all the guff I gave a friend who shot with Canons when I was still a Nikonian....
    Alas, ve grow too late schmart.
  7. Since Mark mentioned the F1... 'fraid I've only got this new F-1 with an AE head. Just a hint of brassing on the top plate.
  8. That's the lot. It's been fun trying to do some nice shots of them rather than with them.
  9. Very nice, thanks for sharing.
  10. Very nice pictures, very nice collection.
  11. Great pictures of some fantastic gear. Good work!!
  12. here's mine lol
  13. good shots Barry..your F-1N looks particularly nice.
  14. Here are mine, haven't included the last addition, a nice F-1n.
  15. Nice Cameras! It would be great if Canon still made affordable film cameras! The last one hanging in there is the EOS 1V. I have an AE-1 P that never lets me down! Great Camera!
  16. Lovely collection. I have a Canon AE-1 Program with quite a few lenses. My camera body needed a CLA to restore it to its original splendor. Only another photographer would understand the love we have for our camera collection. My first film camera was a Pentax K1000 with quite a few lenses also. I still have it and keep both collections as I cannot bear to part with any of them.
  17. The FD system is great. Thanks for all of you who posted photos. When I was stationed in vietnam 1966-67, I bought my first two 35mm cameras. First, a Konica auto S2 for $35 brand new and a Canon FT-QL with a 50mm f/1.8 lens for $65 from the PX. I still have them and they are still functional. My favorite is the ground-breaking T90, a delightful camera in every way. But when time and chance do happeneth to us all and to all cameras, I am sure that my F-1 (original) will still be working albeit with the sunny-16 rules. Shame on Canon for making the FD line of equipment orphans.
  18. Beautiful collection, Huub. Too bad about the omission of the F-1n.
    Patrick, if Canon is to hang onto one film body, it should rightfully be the EOS-1V, which IMHO is the only worthy successor of the T90.

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