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Discussion in 'Canon FD' started by alan_swartz, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. I know we shouldn't consume space talking about items up for auction, but I couldn't pass this one up. Seen in a description of a T60 for sale:
    "It is missing the Sensor and I don’t know what else is wrong with it because I can’t test it."

    Film? What's that?
  2. If anyone buys it, they'll have themselves a fine doorstop or paperweight. While there is a lot of good gear out there, there also seems to be an equal amount of junk.
  3. awahlster

    awahlster Moderator

    gawd that is funny Alan
  4. Thanks for amorning smile.
  5. None of my FD bodies has the sensor in and the display on the back is missing - are they still under warrenty?
  6. The back display is also missing on mine, but the void is such a handy spot to put a note to remind me of my white balance setting.
  7. After reading these posts I thought I'd better have a look at my AE1 and to my horror the whole back will come open and there's hardly anything inside!
  8. Where do I plug in the USB cable?
  9. hmm ... one possibility could be that the camera is missing the SPC (Silicone photo cell, I think), the light sensor (or perhaps an IR sensor if T-90 has one).
    Sorry for trying to kill the hilarious fun :)
  10. I hope it's missing a silicone photocell, because it uses a silicon photocell. Transistors don't work too well when made from gasket sealer. : )
    Judging by the apparent depth of knowledge exhibited by the seller, he/she wouldn't know where to begin disassembly to find the phototransistor.
  11. well, then, that seals it, it *is* hilarious.
    Remind me of a time some weekends ago when I was taking some pictures of a friends' gathering with my Epic Stylus. After a few pictures, the kids (4~8 year olds) ran over and demanded I show them on the LCD screen how they turned out. A generation that is probably never going to find out about film photography. :(
  12. Very funny,what worries me too is when you see people selling 100 sheet boxes of printing paper that they say contain 98 sheets, and I wonder if they have been opened in a darkroom in safelight conditions or daylight, because in these digital days many people don't realize that paper and film are light sensative.

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