A Screw up that worked Tri-X 2 stop pull

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by KoolM1, Jan 26, 2021.

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  1. Well talk about a pull. I had a bulk roll of what said FP4+. I put it in the F100 set the meter to 125 and went out to shoot. Turned out it was a short roll so that means it was the last one from a bulk roll. I developed it in Xtol 1-1 for 10 minutes which is the time for FP4+. I hang it to dry thinking hey these look pretty good and then I see the edge rebates. Arista Premium 400. Yep it was Tri-X. Most of these are right out of the scanner. I did pump the contrast a little on a couple.

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  2. An overexposure of 1.5 to 2 stops is no big deal for B&W film. It's overdevelopment that can be a killer; giving you too much highlight density to get a decent scan or print.
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  3. Tri-X in Xtol 1:1 is supposed to be 9:00 at 20C, so a little overdeveloped.

    For one stop, Kodak recommends the same time, and 13:15 for two stop push.

    Often the times for faster films are longer, but not always.
    For one, hexagonal grains only develop from the edges, and so take longer.

    In any case, it looks like it came out fine!
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