A rule I didn't know about.

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  2. I interpret the idea behind the No Words forum along the lines the least spoken the more said. In this case one has to say all that needs to be said relating to the topic with one image.

    Don't much care one way or the other on No Words having rules, but I just don't want to have to scroll and download a lengthy thread of images that now has grown much bigger because someone thinks there needs to be two images about ducks or cats, etc. Some folks have different reasons for posting images that has nothing to do with communicating an idea effectively.

    They just like to see their images presented next to other photog's images to the point they end up thinly relating to the topic at hand.
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  3. Donald, I have had a second photo that would work in a thread, sometimes I've had three or four. But, I just hold onto those figuring they'll eventually either fit into a thread with a different theme or the theme I'm currently posting to will come around again at some point.

    Some images have inspired me to comment, in which case I've sent a personal message (through the "conversation" function) to the photographer. I think it can be a nice thing to do. I'm for keeping the rules as they are.

    I know I've seen W/NW threads in various forums, so if you want to start one, I'd either do it in Casual Conversations or in the more genre-specific forum where it would fit. I'm pretty sure I used to see them regularly in the Street forum, and I think I've seen them in Portraits as well.
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    Another way to comment on, or discuss, NW threads or photos would be to create a companion thread in Casual Conversations.

    For example, in response to Tim's Hardest Shot thread one could ask, in the companion thread, if the hardest shot gave the most pleasure and this could be discussed by all members.
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  5. W/NW the way to go.

    Old time resurrected stuff N/WN started for folk who were scared that someone would comment adversely about their photo.

    Thought by now we were all big boys/girls wearing long pants...perhaps not.
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  7. ..................

    Allen, dear; judge not lest ye be judged.

  8. I’d like to see the results of a member survey about the addition if a question mark to the left of the “like” button for indicating confusion regarding the submission of a NW image and its match to the topic or theme. Some images I have seen are so far off topic and others are simply admittedly errors. Wouldn’t the posters prefer to be made aware that others, while clicking the like button also believe that the image would be more welcome in a more appropriate thread? We need a way to express a WTF occasionally. It would take a load off our apparently overworked moderators.
  9. You can contact the poster via PRIVATE CONVERSATION. I've done it a few times when I didn't get the connection to theme and it was nice to be enlightened by the photographer who explained it to me.
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  10. Fred: That would only be the first step in the process that is also lacking in PN. If the poster and the "suggestor" completely agree....what kind of correction options are available to the poster? And what if the post is a total error? The rules or procedures for this seem transparent to the point of being invisible.
  11. In most cases, it turns out not to be a mistake and then no further action would need to be taken. What I do when I come across a photo that baffles me, where I don't see the connection to the theme, is not look for instant gratification. I allow it to stew for a day or two, coming back to the photo in the hopes that, in time and with fresh eyes, I'll get it. Only then, if I'm still baffled and it's important to me, will I contact the poster directly.

    If the poster, on his own, or with your help through a private message, realizes he mistakenly posted it, he can contact Walt, the moderator of the No Words forum, by clicking on Walt's name and starting a conversation with him, and ask him to remove it. We cannot remove our own photos once they've been posted for more than 10 minutes. That's long been the policy of the site and I don't see it changing and it's not unique to the No Words forum. It's also a different subject from making the No Words forum a Words forum, for which I see no reason. It's set up as a place for no words, which is why it's called No Words.
  12. Ya say ya want something humorous? It's a description (in German) of the "team". Are you familiar the GMBH designation for Corp. It stands for Gemeinschaft Mit Beschrenkte Haffnung. However our "team" is a Genossenschaft Mit Beschissene Hosen.
  13. As I said above, Erwin, if you're looking for a place to look at photos and have a little conversation, there are many such places on this site and you're welcome to start a thread in any other forum that is a Word/No Words thread. I don't quite see the point in destroying No Words so that you can do what you can do anywhere else on the site. It's a nice forum. Leave it as is. If you don't care for its structure, it seems relatively easy not to use it and, instead, create or participate in the kinds of threads you like in any other forum on the site.
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  15. Fred
    When I first joined I was able to add an image title to indicate why the post fits the topic. Not now. Perhaps I need additional research. When contributing to a text forum my preference is to succintly assist anyone who needs a solution particularly when I have actually experienced and solved a similar problem. No More no less. The site destruction inuendo makes me think of my contributions to take up much more PN real estate than I should as a number of my posts have each turned to 29 pages of gibberish as a result of the the new interface (which I love!) being initiated.
  16. You do need additional research. Read the very top thread in the list of No Words threads and it will give you the guidelines for the No Words forum. Here's a relevant passage:

    "A sentence or two regarding how you made the photo, the technique, or about the subject is permitted, however discussions and comments about the submissions are not allowed in this forum. Those are best posted in the Critique Forum. If you wish to comment on a member's photo that you saw in this forum use the PhotoNet messaging system and send a message directly to the contributor, or alternatively, send an email. DO NOT post comments into this forum."

    It really does seem easy to understand and quite straightforward.
  17. Just because I often can't see the connection between the image and the post, I don't assume there isn't one. I assume that maybe the poster is smarter than I am which is not that much of a stretch. I agree with Fred, why fool around with a good thing.
  18. I suppose what I would be asking the poster is what might be an appropriate title for the image. Nothing more.
  19. Mystery is wonderful and spurs the imagination. Facts and the truth are often boring.
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    Not sure I understand this (so what's new ?)

    AFAIK, it is possible to add lines of text before an image, after an image, or both in NW, and I don't think anyone has an issue with that. What is being discussed is the posting of a comment concerning another image (and I have been guilty of this myself). To me, these are two separate scenarios - or have I got it wrong (again)?

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