A rule I didn't know about.

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  1. I do not know what time PN is working but I can not tell if is yesterday. I have posted twice within 2 hours because somewhere the day had changed. Well continue the post here

    no dogs pn.jpg
  2. Sandy Vongries

    Sandy Vongries Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks, Fred,knew that & forgot, but you'd think rules would be searchable?
  3. It looks like "No Words" is the only forum with posting rules, a few of which I may have broken.
  4. PapaTango

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    "And remember, this is No Words, meaning no direct questions or comments. Those are best posted in the Site Help forum."

    That possibly is the most incredibly misdirected suggestion I have ever heard in any forum. Comment on a photo should be posted in the Site Help board?

    This reminds me why I don't smoke controversial substances any more... :eek:
  5. I have seen no consistency in the enforcement of rules. This is especially true when it comes to vicious exchanges.i saw one thread thread was rather benign and issue resolved and then it was taken down. When asked the moderator what he was thinking l got the most ego feeding response of none sense that was more idiotic then some tweets I have Been seeing recently.

    Then again, if you want to be naughty or ad hominem then create a free account to get your shots in. I am not advocating this but the reality is that when a certain threshold is crossed some people will resort to this. PN should have the common sense to recognize when their over zealous reactions are self destructive.
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  6. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    long time members have been dropping off since about 2006-7, around the time NM bought it from PG and when flickr really took off, and have continued to do so since.
    the problem with this place, past and present, is that management have always preferred the knowledgeable, over the the inspirational, and have sought to present that knowledge in an almost Victorian way- no edits until recently, no deleting posts, no duplicate posts even when they weren't really duplicates, no criticism of moderation etc., no heated debate, no OT stuff, banning the most creative, outspoken members, etc

    PN 2 could have dropped all that but they didn't. The spirit of Greenspan still haunts this place.
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  7. So, what is a "non-verbal discussion"?
  8. Now you arer challenging our creative processes
  9. Only on PN could a subject like No Words become the object of intense discussion

  10. See the book America: 2006 by Obvious & Ordinary. Or, as the title appears, Obvious & Ordinary: America 2006.

    'Obvious' and 'Ordinary' are pseudonyms for two Very Famous Photographers (I won't tell you who they are, but search will give it up). There names appear nowhere in the text. Frontispiece is a color picture of a supermarket display of rows and rows of juicy, pink, plump baloney (not nasty sour baloney; here, you laugh at it and enjoy it). The next page, the backside of the baloney is a moody black and white shot through a moisture streaked tenement window onto a bleak, dark building, opposite, hinting at a spoof of Robert Frank and/or W.E. Smith in his Jazz Loft days. You may surmise which is by Obvious and which is by Ordinary.

    From there, the page spreads mock and chat with each other about America 2006; candy color to stern witty black and white. In several instances, the color is on top of the black and white or vice versa.

    There is no text, not even a copyright notice.
  11. Tony Parsons

    Tony Parsons Norfolk and Good

    Have you not yet realised - everything that is not compulsory is forbidden,
  12. Wouldn't want to create too much activity in the forums. :confused: The site can't take any more postings because of all the activity. That type of activity must be discouraged apparently or we would have people having fun and posting messages all Will-Nilly and before you know it, all out pandemonium and the site turns into the Facebook of photography.

    Creative types vs rules and boundaries. If they just drop all the users and replace them with bots then postings could be kept under control and no more complaints.
  13. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    i commented on a photo in the nw shadow/highlights thread and it was deleted by someone who obviously felt rools я rools and should never be broken. no. matter. what.
  14. PN would be a great site if it wasn't for all the members that post on it.
  15. You are no doubt on Double Secret Probation. Have you clicked on your name in the upper right-hand corner to see the secret dossier they are keeping on you? Or will you too get the error message:

    My Account.jpg
  16. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    Alas, Mark i only get that message on ios(ipad). on ios(phone) i get the visually striking, cfu message

  17. An intelligent solution would have been to simply advance the post date a day or two and caution the poster via email. Result: everybody's happy.
  18. I just tried to post a response to something and the entire site started flashing at me and went inactive. Not sure about that, but after reading a few forums this sure isn't the photo.net I remember.
  19. This rule about contributors not posting another thread within 24 hours of their first one in No Words has been around and understood since I became a paying member ten years ago.

    There's a good reason for it. Image overload where one poster who may or may not squat on this site 24/7 gets more attention by posting endless thread topics one after another. Same applies for those posting more than one image within the same thread within 24hr period.

    You guys couldn't figure that out? Yeah, senior moment my a$$!

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