a roll call at some point??

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by roger_michel, Mar 10, 2004.

  1. sorry for two posts so close together -- i was going to mention this
    in the other thread but forgot.

    i'm NOT suggesting that we do it now, but it might be interesting at
    some point to do a roll call here to see how many people are tuning
    in. maybe even lurkers would agree to say "here."

    i have seen such roll calls on other sites and it is often surprising
    to see just how many people are "in the house." perhaps the
    moderator would agree to make it a persistent thread for 24 hours.

    anyway, if it seems like a good idea to people, anyone should feel
    free to call the roll!!
  2. This happens every so often around here, so feel free to do it again. Making a thread "sticky" at the top of the forum is something that can only be done by Brain. And in 5 years I have only seen it done once. So that's not really possible. At some point I'm going to get my "membermap" off the ground so we can all see the geographical distribution of the forum.
    Josh Root<br>
    Washington State
    Other hobbies include: yo-yoing, snowboarding, filmaking, biking, climbing, sleeping, & searching for the end of the internet.
  3. the membermap is a great idea. if anyone actually does this, rememer to think before you put any detailed personal info on the internet.
  4. Here teacher.

    This won't work though, why do you think they're called "lurkers"?
  5. OK for non Leica users to put their hand up?
  6. *ahem*...
  7. of course. as josh said, we have done it here before. it actually always seemed like a nice community building activity to me. it also gives a sense of how large and varied the group is. i think the last one was a couple of years ago. the membermap is also a neat idea.
  8. Present... Jim Britt Ketchum, ID and Los Angeles
  9. Only partially here, the wind has gone out of ones sails since Josh and Co got stuck in. Sigh.
  10. One lurking non-Leica owner abashedly raising his hand here.

    Boston, MA.

    See, it works sometimes.
  11. Wow Steve,
    The wind has gone out of your sails since 1998? How did we ever get this far?

    I've been on the Leica forum since almost the beginning and a moderator since 2001. Nice try though.
  12. Great idea! I'm in North Miami, FL, about half way between Miami and Fort Lauderdale, between U.S. 1 and I-95, but closer to U.S. 1. I'd love to see that distribution map!
  13. Hello...I monitor this site quite often, and have learned alot. I wish this fellow "Jay" would post again...
  14. I'm on Long Island, New York and have been a member since the Greenspun days. Spend too much time here and not enough at work.
  15. Frank Meeker, Denver CO.

  16. Hope you don't end up getting a troll call ...
  17. Rochester,NY checking in
  18. A "HERE" from Detriot
  19. Location too? Ok.
    Elizabeth, NJ
  20. Portland, OR present and accounted for
  21. Here: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. I've been lurking (and posting now and then) for a few months now.
  22. Occasional poster, daily lurker. London, England.
  23. West Hollywood, CA. 1.9 square miles within which Kafka would feel right at home.
  24. Zürich, Switzerland and... yawn...going to bed. 'Nite, folks!
  25. nyc
  26. I lurk 2 -3 times a day. Always interesting, often informative.

    Ron Bonito
    Colchester, CT
  27. Continuous lurker (perhaps that makes me a stalker??), but definitely HERE, in SE Georgia.
  28. Sacramento California
  29. adsum
  30. Boston, Massachusetts
  31. Los Angeles-
  32. waash. state (paradise!)
  33. Singapore..32 degrees.C
  34. Elizabeth...cool, the Queen of England.
  35. Here Sir !!

    Formerly of London, United Kingdom

    Presently living in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

    Three times a day lurker, occassional poster ...
  36. London England. God save the queen!
  37. m_.


    columbus, ohio, still freezing.
  38. Manchester, Northern England. Often lurker, occasional poster.
    I love this forum!
  39. Honolulu, Hawaii. Recently requested that my photo.net account be deleted. Just waiting for it to happen. Has nothing to do with this forum - which I obviously enjoy and will continue to read.
  40. Nigel, Island of Jersey, UK. Permanent lurker via RSS and occasional poster.
  41. Still hangin' around...

    Kevin Sarsfield,

    Upstate, NY
  42. Present, and still lurking in Cambridge, MA.
  43. athens, ga.
  44. Two Leica person HERE
  45. Here, in St. Louis, MO
  46. Here. The great state of Texas would like to cast all of its.....

  47. brooklyn
  48. present - Soho, NYC
  49. Tunkhannock, Pa.(Northeast Pennsylvania)
    50 Year Leica Person.
  50. 50 miles south of Los Angeles. It was about 80 degrees here this past weekend.
  51. 82 degrees in the San Francisco Bay Area
  52. 72 F, 22 C in Houston (not by choice).

    Funny how many lurkers visit; most of my sales were to rare posters; most of my buys are from regulars for obvious reasons.
  53. "here" in Seattle. No Leicas, but I'm curious...
  54. London, ON, Canada
  55. Sunny Pasadena, California
  56. Ok, I'm here lurking and signed in, so here I am. Have Leicas because I'm too dumb to
    work one of those autogomagic jobs.


    Brisbane, Australia
  57. Mani Sitaraman, Singapore (mostly). Here since the day Tony Rowlett started the forum.
  58. present and lurking in charlotte, north carolina

    waiting for this community to lick its wounds and be fun again...lets here it for all the great photographers that post (or at least used too) in this forum...cheers to you folks for making it interesting.
  59. Los Angeles, since 1990.
  60. Jep, I'm here.
    Volker from Bremen/Germany
    And Josh, I allready found the end of the Internet! It's most definitly there: the End
  61. London, Ont.
  62. Toronto, Canada<p>
    R5, IIIc and Minox; may look for M6 when the rush to digital drives the price under $1000; for the mean time I am picking up some bargain
    R lenses.
  63. Shelter Island NY (Long Island)
  64. Sheldon Hambrick<p>Posting from San Jose & Sunnyvale, CA. <p>Other money pits include target shooting, amateur radio, R/C cars, control-line planes, and a 1981 Delorean.
  65. Chris Lutz
    Trinty (Tampa area) Florida
  66. QRZ?
  67. Anchorage, Alaska, checking in.
  68. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Make that two of us. (From Anchorage, that is.)
  69. HERE

    in Mannheim/Germany. That is near Frankfurt and Heidelberg.
  70. rowlett

    rowlett Moderator

    Actually, there are several of us in Anchorage, I do believe. Hope more of us check in here. We all ought to get together and do lunch, maybe at Glacier Brwerhouse or Mooses Tooth. :)
  71. Gerry Szarek

    Just NORTH of Boston, MA. It's flippin cold 28F may snow tomorrow, I can't wait for Summer! Sometimes poster, looking forward to the Epson Cosina Digital Bessa tomorrow's the day. BTW whatever happened to Jay?
  72. Arlington, VA
  73. Fort Worth, Texas.
  74. Lake Summerset, Illinois
  75. Brad Evans , mar 10, 2004; 07:06 p.m. "QRZ?"<p> N6SVP. Been QRT for a while with no shack set up at the new place yet. <p>73.
  76. Bakersfield, California
  77. Mazatlán Mexico

    The perfect place for a great Leica week meeting. I can have places for expocitions and lectures, the best beach weather in winter.
  78. Fort Worth, TX
  79. Geographical location - Welfare, Texas. Mailing address - Boerne, Tx.

    I see many unfamiliar names! Must have many lurkers.

  80. Chappaqua, New York -- with Hillary & Bill!
  81. Jerry Plemons - Avid reader of this forum and sometime poster.
    Arlington, Texas
  82. Albany, N.Y.
  83. hi, my name is joe and i'm a lurker!

    used to have a m4p but now shoot mostly mamiya 6's. also have several 60's/70's japanese rangefinders (non lens interchangable)
    born in brooklyn, n.y. now living in western canada. (don't tell my family)
  84. Portland, Oregon. CLE, 40 & 90.
  85. Fremont/Oakland/Berkeley, CA - too cheap to buy a Leica, but I have a Bessa and a slew of LTM lenses.
  86. present and somewhat accounted for from Parsippany, New Jersey
  87. London, UK


  88. NYC > Rio de Janeiro.
  89. Here...
    May I use the bathroom?
    Honolulu, HI
  90. Here at Twin Falls, Idaho
  91. Somewhere in the night.
  92. Lurking here for about a year. Shooting with Leica rangefinders for about 35 years. Philadelphia
  93. Ellicott City, Maryland USA. Still learning the differences between the 50 and 35 crons, no problem understanding the 75 lux.
  94. Improper Bostonian
  95. Jim McBride is here, but I'm not going to tell you where because, in my present paranoid
    state, I'm afraid all the Leicaphobes are going to come and beat the sh*t out of me <grin>
  96. Kenai, Alaska
  97. Calgary, AB Canada
  98. Margate, Florida (NW of Fort Lauderdale)

    Here for now, but on my way to Chicago.
  99. Folly Beach, SC
  100. Tony and Josh - The last time we did this was a year ago, in March, 2003. If you still have the "Where Are You Calling From - - - Please Sign In" thread in the archive, it might be instructive to compare it against what this one will produce.

    The Oldest Fud on the Forum, and still shooting Leicas since 1945.
  101. Park Slope, Brooklyn.

    I am a "Leica style" shooter with a P&S camera. Only touched a Leica (Andrew Lee's M6) once. Too big, too heavy, too expensive =8-(
  102. Long Beach, Califoirnia.
  103. Toronto, Ontario, CAN., and I'll send a new subscription cheque to PN to see some of George B.'s pix from the 40s!
  104. Bangkok, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar
  105. To: Mikey Campbell
  106. Here today...gone tomorrow-packing for road trip to AZ. Woe is me, too much crap, can't
    decide between M2 & F3.
  107. Unless Tony or someone else deleted it, the thread should still be there somewhere. Someone just has to want to take the time to go search through the old threads.

    That person is not going to be me however. I've got other stuff to do tonight.
  108. HoChiMinh City, Vietnam
  109. roger

    Lurking, fondling & ocasionally posting from Shanghai,lung cancer capitol of the world, Singapore 32 Deg again & forever, and Toronto, failed Olympic host, and other strange places in between. ****M3, M6, Valoy, Konica & Zorki RFs.

  110. John - Unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, and at my age, I don't buy green bananas, much less new stuff for the computer < grin >.
  111. Nashville, TN
  112. Here, don't own a real Leica, only a Panasonic badged as one (a minilux). English, but in LA.
  113. Present and accounted for in Round Rock, TX, y'all. (near Austin, if you're not from around here....)
  114. El Mirage, Arizona (Phoenix area)
  115. Recently got my first Leica - an M2. Posting from NYC.
  116. Burlington, VT
    M3 & CLE
  117. Trabuco Canyon (South Orange County), CA. Here!
  118. Oxford, England
  119. Grand Island, New York
  120. Lawrence Beck,

    Pacifica, California
  121. Here, in Palos Verdes Estates, CA on Rocky Point.
  122. Brooklyn.

  123. Lurking in Fort Liquordale.
  124. raise his hand east of NYC
  125. Here I am, frequently lurking and occasionally posting, from Durham, North Carolina.
  126. here, tardy, but here.
  127. Nashville, TN

  128. Auburn, AL

    Sheldon, goodgodalmighty. You shoot Leicas, target rifles, fly and drive models AND a DeLorean? Man, and I thought I was spending too much money on my toys.

    Rick H.
  129. Binghamton, NY
  130. 128 people and counting!! amazing. maybe people will organize
    some regional dinners/drinks now that you know who's where.


    anybody else out there??
  131. SanFran East Bay(Moraga) M2 M3 M6 M7
    check this forum every day, lot's of great info and laughs:)
  132. Jamie J. Vancouver, Canada
  133. Burlington, Washington State
  134. Still here...Clayton, California - 20-some miles east of Oakland/San Francisco.
  135. WM


    Reporting from Melbourne, DOWNUNDER!

    A beat up ugly M in hand, and a jalapeno pepper in the other !

    (a colleague just gave that to me..............the pepper !....of course !)
  136. Henderson, Nevada, US (adjacent to Las Vegas) Fastest growing city in the
    US. I miss Jay, John Collier, Dennis C and Marc Williams. I got a lot more
    them that I could ever contribute. But I know we will survive.
  137. Lurker - Santa Monica, CA
  138. Leica user

    Home in Shelton, CT
    College in Troy, NY
    My time is spent in both
  139. Although my M7 was made by Mamiya, I'm a daily lurker and sometimes poster. IMO, the Leica Forum is the best, by far, on Photo.net.

    NW Texas
  140. Lurker here.
    San Diego, California
  141. Currently on the road; traveling; checking in on dialup; in a motel on I-10.
  142. Here, in the middle of Washington State; for 35 years using an M2 and 35 Summicron. :)
  143. Here. Manila, Philippines.

    Lurker (when time permits); post occasionally.
  144. From Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Daily lurker and occasional poster.
  145. Soho, London, UK. Daily lurker with a Leica body but no lens. I justify my occasional posts by my possession of an RF645 rangefinder.
  146. The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations

    (Which despite having the longest name of the US states is so small that the actual city doesn't matter)
  147. Alison or Ali here. From Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia. M2 in hand and mostly a lurker or as someone said stalker, love to read rarely contribute.
  148. Another hand is raised from Athens, Ga.
  149. Brussels, that is in Belgium.
  150. read the forum almost every day, post infrequently. massachusetts.
  151. Windham, ME. As of yet Leicaless but M6 body should be on its way to me.
  152. Read the forum daily from Vigo (Spain)
  153. Cambridge, UK, cold today..
  154. Louisiana checking in.
  155. Milan, Italy (if this can be of any interest, it's snowing here right now..). I love to read daily, I rarely contribute, I have no Leicas, just Bessa R2.
  156. Here! Here being the NW of England - cold, got 'flu, can't concentrate on work, so checking in.
  157. Takoma Park, MD:

    Nuclear free M6TTL, 35mm with eyes and 90mm always ready to roll.
  158. Hello from Granbury Texas (about 70 miles SW of Dallas). I only have my little Olympus XA and a brand new Bessa R2, but I love this forum and read it everyday. I would like to one day own an M6 but that will have to wait until I have the money!
  159. wow!! 155 . . . .
  160. Its quite funny when I read through the list those from the USA never state the country they are from while everyone else does. As another poster has stated I am from Portland too but NOT the USA, im in Australia. The rest of the world doesnt study American geography as you yourselves do. The abrieviations given are pretty much usless to anyone outside the USA. WA means Western Australia to me but aparently its a state there too, dont know which one though. Here in Australia, we have our own New England, our own Toronto and Newcastle too (coppied from the original English one) and Norfolk is an Island off the coast of Eastern Australia. So please since the rolecall is meant as an International thing can we know the specifics. It does come across a bit as a USA only club when you do, thanks!
  161. From Philadelphia, PA.
    Leica user since 1969.
  162. Jimmy Reuter here in New Orleans, LA
  163. SE 1 London, England with Leica M6
  164. Twin Cities, MN
  165. North Central Massachusetts, USA.

    Read every derogatory post about the 75mm Summilux and
    bought one anyway, and love it.
  166. Another one here from Seattle, Washington State (WA), USA
    (or approx. 47.6015529 deg N, 122.31408 deg W)
  167. So what do we have (and forgive my impermanence as a long-time lurker and relative
    new comer post wise) is lots of United Statesmen the odd United Stateswomen an few
    Canadians mostly Ontario, apologies to Alberta, (after PEI my favourite province) and
    Alaskans, with the whole Pacific represented by Hawaii, the odd sprinkling of
    European nationalities with a few English (who haven’t yet worked out they are
    actually part of Europe) a hodgepodge of South East Asians including Australasian
    (please don’t tell our PM we are part of Asia), no Africans and virtually no North
    Asians. (plenty of interest in Leica stuff in Japan and Korea) Oh, and absolutely
    nobody from the Antarctica. (there must be a Leica or two in Antarctica)

    The conclusion of this survey is that this is a very US centric forum. Nonetheless this
    is a great Leica forum with a renown that pervades the internet far and wide, it may
    indeed be the end of the internet, where there is little need to go beyond.

    Please folk understand that I’m not bashing North Americans by any means. Not the
    fault of those in the USA who keep such an important forum as this alive and vital,
    but the question is, I suppose, how do we include a wider audience and thus a greater
    degree of participation across nationalities and language groups? ie German, Italian
    and Japanese Leicafiles, in particular, have a great knowledge of Leica equipment and
    history that us anglo speakers tend to miss out on.

    Given we are communicating in various forms of English where are the Kiwis, South
    Africans, or any other ex Brit colonial Africans, South Sea Islanders, West Indians,
    those on the sub continent, Scots, Irish, Welsh, and not to mention South Americans
    (well Ghana at least, they play cricket after all), I may have missed a Brazilian, sorry)
    Someone else on that continent with some English and a Leica must also have a
    computer hitched up to the internet.

    Just an observation, and perspective with no realistic answer, but something worth
    pondering, IMHO.

    Warm regards to all who contribute here, the world is a better place because of what
    has happened and continues to happen here.

    Craig (Australia)
  168. Lugano, Switzerland
  169. In England
  170. non-leica lurker here - love this place - Mamiya 6 - London UK
  171. Miami, Florida, USA. I shoot 35mm exclusively. All of my cameras were inspired by Oscar Barnack's 1913 Leitz prototype, which later became "Leica."
  172. Baron from Germany
  173. Weston, FL...west of Ft. Lauderdale, with my back yard literally on the edge of the eastern "official" boundary of the Everglades!

    Doug Herr, you would love it!
  174. Lurking near Bath, UK.
  175. Diederik Paauwe, Amsterdam, mostly just reading.
    M2, wet darkroom.
    I bet more lurkers from Europe will show up as night is falling here.
  176. I'm a dedicated trophy hunter (since shooting my first 35mm in 1939!), photographically, with both large and medium format, and with an M7 and M6 (with a 75mm!). Since I'm short on trophies to post, I guess that makes me more of a lurker here in Fountain Hills, near Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Walt
  177. Amsterdam - seeing there are so many from the US, maybe I should add this is the capital of a country called the Netherlands which lies in Europe.
  178. Europe? Is that south of Ohio?
  179. 172 unique replies!! pretty good. thanks!!
  180. checking in when i should be doing school work, from an NYU dorm in Chinatown, NYC.
  181. Seattle, Washington.
  182. Rochester NY USA.
    Leica M's since 1978.
  183. Surrey, England.
  184. Ossining, New York, USA
  185. Here I am, fondling my Leica MP on the sunny shores of Lake Erie at Buffalo, New York, the "Miami of the North"! Best regards, Bill
  186. Virginia Beach, VA USA participating.
  187. Amsterdam? That's where whores and druggies are legal, right?

    Oh, yes- should have added "participating" to my earlier post.
  188. Craig- this may just prove your point, but I personally know people from Europe, England, Autstralia and Manitoba (that's in Canada for those of you in Europe) that are regular participants at Photo.net. So, I think it's more diverse then you think. However I am relating this to the whole of the site; as opposed to just the Leica forum as you did.

    Keep in mind though- that this site is English only (I believe). People who speak a different language (especially in Africa or Asia) aren't necessarily going to be able to fully participate. Even if they own 12 Leicas and are a certified master of Leica photography.
  189. Lurking daily from Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago): country available upon request. Weather today: snow. Ordered 1st lens for my M (4th ver. 35mm 'cron, Rich Pinto). Have seen "Return of the King" five times. A moose once bit my sister.
  190. Dear E.C.

    Twoz just an observation on this thread more than anything. And I know Leicas are
    “boys toys” but the comparative lack of female participation be it United Stateswomen
    other Anglophone or not is also interesting.

    I thought this was a dumb idea at first but have sort of enjoyed this thread.

    Also interested to hear Manitoba is in Canada, I thought it was in the middle of

    Craig, still stuck here in the cultural desert that is South East Queenland. That’s north
    west of NZ, north of NSW, east of the NT and south of PNG, with TI in beween, just in
    case you were wondering.
  191. *sigh* Great, Craig now I have to go out and buy a Leica simply because you guys consider them superior to women. Any picture ever shot buy a woman will simply never be as good as a "Mans Leica Picture". Right? *wink*
  192. Suburbs of D.C.

    (Way late -- I think I need a tardy slip.)
  193. Gulity...Another pair of late slips. One for me and another from Eric Sales. We're working at the same office here in Manila, Philippines.
    Happy clicking.

  194. jbs


    Denton, Texas ...;)...J
  195. Seoul, Korea, for the past few weeks (hey, they impeach presidents here, too!). Probably be back in Nashville (Music City USA) by the middle of next week . . .
  196. Africa.
  197. Leica lurker, Cardigan, Wales, U.K.
  198. North West suburbs of Boston. M6 + 50mm Summicron has been my favorite combo, though I begin to appreciate the wider angles more (28mm and 35mm) more. Used to be 90mm about 4 years ago.

    - Phong
  199. still here. sort of. arlington, va (but hey, why change my posting name just because i moved 2 miles?)
  200. Newcastle, England.

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