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  1. Whatever you want that to be --

    Here's an illustration (used in classes) of different Chaco Canyon masonry styles/modes
    What do you have in documentary photos?
  2. For over a decade, I've been documenting the residential farming community in New England for folks with special needs where my nephew lives.



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  3. Well, I consider this a documentary photo - these are the buildings in the basalt quarry my father used to run before his retirement some 30 years ago. Soon thereafter, the buildings were no longer used and since then nature is slowing taking over (the image is now already 5 years old; I haven't been back since and have to assume that nature's progress has now made the buildings all but invisible.
  4. Nothing saves time when taking on a complicated project like a few quick shots of details before you set about replacing parts.
    Today you might swear you can remember how to put it all back together.
    Tomorrow you’ll feel the pressure.
    Plus, long after the job is complete, the photos will be a great reference to revisit if issues of maintenance and service arise again.
    Also adds to the sense of accomplishment having before and after photographs.
    Untitled 122.jpg

    Untitled 121.jpg

    Untitled 123.jpg
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